What are you proud of?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VK6FLAB, Dec 21, 2018.

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  1. NN6A

    NN6A Ham Member QRZ Page

  2. NN6A

    NN6A Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm proud of receiving my Amateur Extra Class license at 16 (1973), and having a great career at the LA Dept of Water & Power, after earning the 1st Class Radiotelephone license. Now that I'm retired, I enjoy helping new hams with the Morse code, as well as helping them to assemble a station.
  3. W2STF

    W2STF Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Having a XYL who helped me obtain my Extra Class Ticket. I am 100 percent disabled Vietnam Vet. She just never gave up on me And she still gets thrilled
    when I work a new Country. W2STF
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  4. KG7VTO

    KG7VTO Ham Member QRZ Page

    What!?. Your garbage has no place here. Take it elsewhere.
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  5. KE8BPZ

    KE8BPZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    2 contacts in Australia this year, making contacts in Samoa, Rarotonga, Growing Heathkit collection, Being an elmer, helping 2 more people become hams, earning my extra class ticket!
  6. W6MQI

    W6MQI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey Jim I think someone here has a hair stuck in their kazoo they don't seem to like you why 's that?
  7. NN6EE

    NN6EE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    DAVEY M'BOY!!!

    Damn! I thought a jealous husband shot u years ago!!! :) NAH!!! I NEVER PAY ANY ATTENTION to IMMATURE INDIVIDUALS LIKE HIM!!! I wish you and your very beautiful XYL a "VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!! SK/CL!!!

  8. K9CTB

    K9CTB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I get really proud whenever I see a youngster become interested in amateur radio these days ... I am proud of the hobby as a whole whenever I work a DX station (which is not all that often anymore) in a part of the world where I have the preconceived notion they may not like Americans, and I see or hear the greeting "dear OM" - That gives me hope that amateurs worldwide are still considered goodwill ambassadors. I worded that incorrectly (natural for me) but I hope that makes sense. :)

    73 de K9CTB
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  9. K1SZO

    K1SZO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    My first real shack setup with proper grounding. (just bought the house last May)

    • Regrounded my home's electrical ground to code. (two grounding rods properly wired vs the 1971 grounding)
    • A lightning ground right outside my shack, connected with a bus to the properly electrical grounding system
    • 2m/70cm antenna on the roof with proper grounding directly to the grounding rod outside the shack.
    • Upgraded electrical panel up from the 1971 install that was way overloaded with double-taps and twins. Now capable of 200amps, and 80 circuits. (40 twins) It also has whole house surge suppressor installed into the panel itself.
    • New 240v circuit pulled to my shack for my new amplifier (Palstar LA-1K /w Palstar HF-AUTO tuner) It also has an in-line surge suppressor shown in picture below.
    • RF grounding bus in the shack with power pole power distribution.
    • Lightning arrestors installed for UHF / VHF and one for HF.
    • (8) port antenna switch that feeds the input through the above lightning arrestor.
    • (9) total antennas supported, currently only one 500w SSB all band HF dipole (160m-6m Chameleon TD-CHA-Lite) has been installed. (more to come)
    This was my first real shack build-out. I'm very happy with it.


    The RF bus bar is a small electrical bus. I'm thinking about replacing it with a wide copper bus bar with copper wingnuts.


    At this point, the first HF antenna wasn't installed yet. Only the 2m/70cm antenna pictured above. The black box on the side is the (8) port antenna switch. This is inside my garage which is also part of my basement.

  10. KM1H

    KM1H Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ham related:

    Working 300 DXCC entities on 160 with no more than 1200W. A nice elevated radial vertical and several Beverages helped that 30 year effort. I'm one Zone shy of a 160 WAZ

    9BDXCC 160-10, with no more than 5W and a good part of it with 1930's era equipment, the antennas and a nice location were the key.

    All on CW of course.

    Non ham related:

    Too much to list; Ive had a long and enjoyable life including raising a family of 3 boys Im proud of and serving my country in the USN/USNR.

    Ham since 1955
    Extra Class since 1968

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