Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by KS4PC, Jan 5, 2019.

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  1. KS4PC

    KS4PC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I Darryl Williams KS4PC gave W9EPL Shawn a MFJ antenna analyzer to help him get on HF refuses to return it after more then a year. After I asked other people about him I was told he has done this to others. If he asks or requests help DO NOT have anything to do with him.
  2. W9EPL

    W9EPL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Darryl Williams would you like to start over and get your facts in order? Well as long as its been i can see how details have slipped your mind. Lets go back to that day 3 and a half year's ago. To the day i dropped off a non working correct browning mark 2 with matching amp and we did a trade for 50 foot of ron tower . The same tower you randomly showed up at my house to drop off with out even a heads up you were coming. Then when i stopped my family fishing trip and rushed 40 mins away from my house so you could pick up the mfj259B which you know i still have because your still trolling the cb bannd bashing on people with your handle as bones or turd rangler whichever your feeling up too be. I rushed all that what to find out you had left before i even packed up my family and when i called you cussed me for burning up your time and i qoute ( you left because you had more important things to do and told me it was to feed your dog. Since that day you have avoided me and 2 other guy that would gladly speek here to your honor since they want there browing radios back not the trashed up one your trying to pass off as theres. And you know with the 3 ten foot gates on your 1/2 mile drive i cant return it if i wanted too. You do not return calls or emailes so just how was any one going to make this right when you hide in person and on the radio and now you want to come here in hopes of what making me look bad to others. Your story is bs and you could not even tell the truth here ether i had to so others would know and not wonder. Its the same as the last time we spoke . Produce the 50 foot of tower you owe me or the radio i gave you ... wait you can't its was fixed and sold. You can post to your hearts content the fact is you ripped me off and now want to make it look like i did you wrong . Look at my qrz post i have nothing to hide and ive had no bad deals to shame me. You not have your mfj259b because you think you didnt do any wrong its aways some one else fault thats why your always on 38 or the ham bands you know purplehaze and oldman 69 want there radios from you. and you have the gull to try and make me look bad lol. Its been 3 years you know were i live you have my address yet nothing till now... funny thing is this is a new account and your first post was to bring cb radio drama to a ham radio site just to attack and make me look bad. Im sorry you feel this way but this all started because you had a bad day and i got the brunt of it. Any thing else you want to tell the people of Qrz i mean that is your goal is to stur up drama for your in joyment.. ps the only reason i have not sold the mfj259b is because its not mine to sell so im stuc with it as a reminder i lost 50 of tower and my browning yet you want your meter back . Just so i get this right? If any one has any questions feel free to aske me i dont have any reason to lie or hide the real story. Thank shawn w9epl. Oh one lasts thing you was not helping me get into HF radio i been a ham for years before i meet you and inwas a general all ready . You loned it to me to build 11m beams get your facts right before you come at me ...
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  3. W9EPL

    W9EPL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry for any miss spelling on a cell phone .
    I learned of this from a friend that Darryl Williams sent it too so i would see it.
  4. KN4LGM

    KN4LGM Ham Member QRZ Page

    What is your responce to this part of the post.

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