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VX-6 Commander Software

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by KJ4PKO, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. KJ4PKO

    KJ4PKO Ham Member


    I recently installed the VX-6 Commander software on my PC and I ordered the programming cable. I was wondering if someone could upload a .vx6 file (ANY random file, the software has to have a file loaded into it before it will work) so I can get the memories ready to program while I am waiting on the cable to arrive from China.

    Sam KJ4PKO
  2. N1BHH

    N1BHH Ham Member

    If you have something programmed into it already you can download it to your computer then make any edits you wish, after which you save it and then write it to the radio.
  3. KJ4PKO

    KJ4PKO Ham Member

    Well, you have to upload the radio memories to the software before it will work, and I am still waiting on the programming cable to get here from China.

  4. KJ4PKO

    KJ4PKO Ham Member

    I finally got the cable in the mail. Here is a file for anyone who would like to be able to play with the software without having to read a VX-6R.

    Samuel KJ4PKO

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