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Vertical Antenna Radial Plate AR-8

Discussion in 'Ham Made Gear' started by N5JBD, Dec 24, 2011.


What do you feel like are the most over priced basic accessories on the ham market?

  1. Baluns & Ununs

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  2. Vertical Antennas

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  3. Wire and Coax

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  4. Digital interface items

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  1. N5JBD

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    Like most Hams I've grown tired of paying high prices for basic accessories, I started out to build my own Radial Plate but found that I had to buy a full sheet of material from our supplier. I made several plates out of the sheet and a small business was born.

    We'll continue to offer items made here at The Antenna Ranch in the future, but only ones that we can sell to other hams at a fair price. Remember, these are made in my workshop by an old white haired Ham NOT a CNC machine. Yes on occasion the hole spacing may be a bit off but remember were trying to improve the efficiency of our vertical antenna, were not building the space shuttle. (hi hi)

    The Radial Plates are $35.00 with ALL mounting hardware included and shipped to your door in the Con USA. If you don't need the hardware the price is $25.00 Shipped.

    Material: 6061 Aluminum
    Size: 8" x 8" x 1/8"
    Holes: 36 perimeter holes 1/4"
    Center Hole: 3" to fit most vertical applications
    Other: 2 Connectors provided for hookup to your ground.

    Due to the response for our radial plates we’ve opened a web site:

    Thanks, Terry N5JBD

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