ve7igq scam artist

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by KE5YNW, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. KE5YNW

    KE5YNW Ham Member QRZ Page

    i have my yaesu hf rig for sale and have it posted here,i was contacted via land line by randy taylor, ve7igq of canada,he called and asked the normal stuff,and we agreed on the price,he gave me his phone number and ham call plus his address,he stated that he would like for me to send my radio to him and he would get right on sending me a money order,and they would cross in the mail,i decided not to ship my gear till i got the money order he said he was sending right out,it seems eight days went by and no money order came in,so i called him and was unable to get ahold of him as it said his number was not in service,when i ran a scan on it it came back a s a ,spoofed number,i emailed him via qrz only to never hear back from him,i held my radio for this man and i lost two other buyers on it as they wanted it right now and when i called then both had bought other rigs,so i lost out on selling my radio trying to be a nice guy,,iama new ham and this was the first time ive ever placed a ad on here to sell any thing,and what happend,i get stiffed,add this to the repair shop wheo burned up my kenwood dual bander i think iam batting a zero,i got out of cb thinking hams were cut better then they are down in 11 meters but so far it seems to me there is no better treatment here then there,'it makes me wonder why i bothered taking the test and getting my tech,i dont think i will study and get my general at this point,
  2. NA4BH

    NA4BH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow.... And I mean WOW.

    You learned a good lesson about selling here or anywhere else. DON'T SHIP UNTIL MONEY IS IN HAND !!!!


    This place that "BURNED" up your dual band radio, what did they do? Are they going to replace it? Did you ask?


    If you let the actions of a few individuals on the internet or a repair shop influence your decision to go further in Amateur Radio, then you will be terrified on HF. Especially when some one runs you off a frequency that you were on first. Thinking about that, this might be lesson number two for you.


    Re list your radio, if you had three people interested in it the first time, there may be more that want it. Don't let the above mentioned idiots ruin a hobby that you have an interest in. Mark it up to experience and follow your interests.

    All I can say is WOW......
  3. W0BKR

    W0BKR Guest


    You never, never,never,never,never,never,never,never,never,never,never
    shipp ANYTHING until the money is in your hand. Check clears and you ship.

    Glad you didn't lose equipment....

    Valuable lesson learned..:mad::eek:
  4. KJ4KDM

    KJ4KDM Guest

    As quick as things sell around here if you repost the radio at a fair price you should not have any problems reselling it. But NEVER send the goods with out cash in hand.
  5. N8PQB

    N8PQB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Money, radio, money, radio

    There is always a risk that one party must take in any transaction.

    Mode 1-The guy sending the money first is risking that the other guy is going to send the radio.

    Mode 2- The guy sending the radio first is risking that the other guy is going to send the money.

    There isn't a positively safe way for both parties except an eye ball transaction that includes operating the radio.

    Over the past 15 years I have had losses in both modes. The best guide is your own gut feeling.
    Do your research- ALWAYS, have a telephone conversation with the other party, ask a lot of questions, check feedback forums.

    If all that is favorable, your chances of a good transaction is much better.

    I also echo previous comments, Don't give up on a hobby because of one bad deal. There is that 1% in every walk of life that has risk. Ham radio internet dealings are not free from the 1 %.
  6. N4WSH

    N4WSH Ham Member QRZ Page

    In all walks of life there are jerks and scammers. Ive bought and traded with fellow hams on this site and so far so good, don't let one loser run you off, it's too great a hobby to do that.
  7. K8ERV

    K8ERV Ham Member QRZ Page

    As said, trust is a two-way deal. I always ship immediately and wait for payment. I may be presently involved with my first and only loss doing this. No payment now for 2-1/2 months, phone disconnected (may have moved?), no email replies.

    I will post an alert if I don't hear from the guy soon.

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
  8. WB7VEH

    WB7VEH Ham Member QRZ Page


    i know frank here,he is a new ham,as he says,i also know the problems he has had with his kenwood dual band and the ,shop,frank used this rig for some time and when it became deaf,he sent it to the shop,up north of corpus,it was working and transmitted a grand siganl,it was just half deaf,they probed it,there words, and it burnt up the entire radio,they then stated,its such an old radio,not worth fixing,but we will seel you a new one'no iam sorrys nor any type of offer of making it right,they would not even ship it back to frank,i was the one to drive up north and get it for him,and thats the same story they told me,it came back in pieces,in a box,i dont feel he was treated right by them,and i do know' myself and frank at least will never spend a dime in that store,franks a nice guy and he is honest to deal with,thats my comment for what its worth,thanks to qrz for letting us air our linen here,
  9. WB7VEH

    WB7VEH Ham Member QRZ Page

    iam sorry for the sticking keys on my pc,
  10. W8NIC

    W8NIC Guest

    don't be too fast on the draw there pal. from what i understand from your post, you too did not send your item as agreed on so both of you are at fault here. it's just the other guy decided not to post his experience with you.

    cb'ers like you should feel out the ham world first before you start bad mouthing hams because it will backfire on you.
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