TS-940s With FT8

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by M0CLS, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. M0CLS

    M0CLS Ham Member QRZ Page


    I have recently acquired a TS-940s. I have been trying to set it up with wsjt-x for use with ft8 but having all sorts of problems with transmitting!! I’m using a signalink usb and a 13 pin cable for the acc port. It is receiving fine but trying to transmit is strange. It sends the radio into TX, it is transmitting as it shows on my power meter and I have monitored it on another radio. But no one decodes my transmission! I am using Diamentions to sync my clock and as I say receiving is fine.

    I beleive it is something to do with tx timing the attack time seemed a little slow so I wired an 8 pin mic connector jumper for my signalink and tried again going in through the mic jack. Attack time ( beginning of tx) seems better but still no one is decoding!

    Tried other radios with the signalink and alls well! Tried removing the signalink and wiring straight from the 940 to my soundcard and using cat for ptt. Still the same!

    I have never had a radio I can’t use ft8 with before! This one has about beaten me! Please someone tell me their 940 is working fine with ft8 and heres what you do!!

    Regards Carl.
  2. M0CLS

    M0CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Also worth noting. Psk31 is transmitting fine with the same radio and signalink. So this is only wsjt-x and the 940!
  3. K7GQ

    K7GQ Subscriber QRZ Page

    Interesting problem ... have you actually listened to the monitored transmit audio? I found I was driving my rig too hard by listening to the monitor first, then reset the level for zero ALC. Other guesses:

    -- running SPLIT with the transmitter in a different mode or frequency?
    -- speech processor ON?
    -- computer time not within a second or so?

    Let us know what it turns out to be.
  4. ND6M

    ND6M Ham Member QRZ Page

    Its been a long time, but, I seem to remember that the audio levels while using the ACCY port are "fixed" on the 940.

    you are in USB?

    Good Luck
  5. M0CLS

    M0CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for your replies.

    I havelistened to the monitor and the audio sounds fine. The first thing I do with these modes is make sure I have little or no ALC.

    Split is not on and as I have listened to my audio ia another sdr receiver I can confirm its bang on frequency and in USB.

    Processor is off.

    Computer is calibrated to milliseconds thanks to Diamentions. I ask it to sync every 5 minutes.

    I know the timing for transmit was an issue for transmit via the ACC port though as my rig wouldn’t go i to transmit until I had already started to hear transmissions starting! That’s why I made up an 8 pic mic jack to signalink jumper to go in via the mic socket. So far this looks to transmit sooner but my signal is still not heard by anyone, which is also confirmed on pskreporter.

    This is a very odd problem. I have used no less than 6 transceivers with wsjt-x and never had a problem setting things up. I can only guess the 940s ‘attack time’ is to slow at the beginning of transmissions?? I just tried my ubitx kit transceiver and that sends absolutely no problem!


  6. M0CLS

    M0CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    It should be simple.

    Clean transmitted signal - Timing

    I am getting the clean transmitted signal so the only other thing can be timing! As I say my clock is synced and confirmed with other radios being fine. So it can only be the transmit time of the 940. It’s the only last option....
  7. M0CLS

    M0CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    *** it should be simple ***

    My own words - and it was!

    Wsjt-x wasn’t transmitting my locator!! Pskreporter will not work without it. And everyone else just ignored a silly ham for transmitting CQ M0CLS ..... with no locator!

    Half my fault, half the program. Firstly I should have spotted what it was missing when transmitting. But secondly wsjt-x would not send IO84 even though it was clearly filled out in the box in settings. It took me to reset my configuration and add all my details again to ‘reset’ itself.

    Alls well now and that is a lesson learned!!

    Thanks guys


    Carl M0CLS.
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  8. WA5HOO

    WA5HOO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Interesting back and forth. I've got a TS940S, and am in the process of getting everything together to hook up to wsjt-x and ft8. My last interface cable comes within another 2 weeks (hopefully sooner). I've got the Kenwood IF-232C, the software installed, and waiting on the USB/Interface cable I ordered. I'll keep this in mind when I crank it up.
  9. WB5WPA

    WB5WPA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Don't get too hung up on using the CAT for freq control and all that, I do things manually here, just use the audio interface with both a RigExpert USB I/F and also a Signalink and I just manually set freqs ... the idea is, get on the air!
  10. WA9JOQ

    WA9JOQ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Carl. We have all made similar oversights in digital configuration setups. Thankfully there are simple solutions and we experience another learning lesson in the process...and will not make the same mistake in the future. Glad you figured it out.


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