This homebrewer's lament.....

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by KC2SIZ, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. WA7PRC

    WA7PRC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Photos of some of my homebrewed equipment can be seen on my Flickr page here: Some projects were given more attention for a better appearance, and some were quickly fabricated and get the job done w/o much (or any) concern for appearance.

    I agree with comments about Jeff WA7MLH ( and his creations. Another is Manfred XQ2FOD ( His 8KVA microhydro project is inspiring (and perspiring). He provided information that helped me rewind a tranformer (link) for an amplifier project.

    vy 73 es gl,
    Bryan WA7PRC
  2. AB8RO

    AB8RO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Indeed, and I have to say, FWIW, that I consider your work to be an inspiration. Most of my work doesn't look like most of yours, but that probably has to do with different skill sets. There is no way that I could ever create the hand-labeled dials that you do, so, I'm never happy with any of my own attempts at such things. I have one such dial on a 555 metronome I made years ago, it's sad and should be dismantled, but I have better things to spend my time on. Consequently, I tend towards trying to use simple machine generated solutions for my labeling. I use various combinations of label printers and different laser/inkjet techniques to create labels and panels.

    In some sense, I wish that I had more hand illustration skill. I absolutely love how some of the Japanese homebrewers illustrate their schematics. NA5N has a similar approach, he illustrated some of the schematics in earlier issues of QRPp.

    Here's JF10ZL's depiction of two paralleled transistors, giving each other a hand.

    Yes, I'm in the same boat, trying to find pictures of projects from the past is a bit of a challenge. The metronome is a bit of an anomaly, I often dismantle projects to reuse their guts, especially if their guts had value but the project no longer does.

    I really love this, I would probably make it look very similar. There is absolutely no reason to label the controls, it's very clear what they do, context gives it away.

    This is a headphone amplifier/DSP filter, there's a bit more of an interface, but it's all web based. The box itself, however, has a similar vibe to your amplifier in that, to me at least, it's obvious what each of the controls/jacks on the front panel do, so very little labeling is needed. There's no power switch because it get's it's power via USB. I will say though, that I'm not happy with the visibility of the clear labeling. I want to find a better process for front panel lettering.


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  3. K5UOS

    K5UOS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Manfred seems like a clever and eclectic fella. Same with JF10ZL. I have looked at his stuff for years. He is a very simple sort of builder.

    One of the most prolific homebrewers I am aware of is Hans Summers, G0UPL -
    Something for everyone on his site. Reminds me of JF1OZL. Much the same.

  4. K5UOS

    K5UOS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Labeling is hard to do. It can be the most frustrating. The VXO local oscillators I sometimes use aren't linear with much of the tuning compressed at one end of the range and spread out at the other end. Sharpie pens seem to be my cure for this...or nothing at all.

    I planned on marking my controls on my tube station with those old style black face with white letter plastic tags you would see on WWII era military gear. You can still get those made I believe. But that will be for another rainy day. Funny, but it has rained about every day for almost two months in Oklahoma. I should have finished a lot of stuff.

    I did start an 80M SSB transceiver. I have the carrier oscillator and BFO done.

  5. KC9UDX

    KC9UDX Platinum Subscriber Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    You can make them yourself, too.

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