Think twice about dealing with KJ0L

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by W4RLR, May 25, 2009.

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  1. W0IW

    W0IW Ham Member QRZ Page

    The other.. side to this story.

    I advertised a Mac Mini.. No harm no foul..
    You among 100 people asked to buy it no harm no foul..
    I talked to you over the phone and we agreed you would send me the cash quick thru paypal.. You agreed no harm no foul..

    Then a day later Paypal said i had to wait for your money for over 7-10 days because you screwed up an sent a echeck !!! (( FOUL )) !!!

    I needed that money ASAP.. You Agreed to send it ASAP.. Then you tell me oh you screwed up and it will be 7-10 days late... (( FOUL ))

    (( So now your balling you want a mac mini big deal )) so did 100 other people ready to send me $300 bucks ASAP... Which i refused them to sell to you !!))

    You are now sitting with all your money and bitching and moaning because you screwed up and didn't send the money asap like we agreed and you want me to write you a long drawn out explanation and argue with me because you feel slighted !!

    The slighted one was me !! I needed the money asap you broke that deal..
    It's sold to a local buyer the very next day not 10 days later just to see if your E-check cleared..(( WHICH IS IN QUESTION OR WHY DO BANKS WAIT 10 DAYS TO CLEAR IT !))

    See ya later I don't have time for your pathetic whining and balling B S !!!

    I have real things to do in life!!! Not waste everyone's time with my BS !!

    Joe Leto
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2009
  2. K0QLT

    K0QLT Ham Member QRZ Page

    The other side of the Story - XYL view

    I am KJ0L's XYL. K0QLT. By the way I aced my ham test first time around!

    If you notice in the original post nothing is mentioned that the payment made was a echeck that takes 7-10 days to clear!!!

    THAT WAS THE ENTIRE ISSUE! We could not wait another week for our money. AND paypal gave me that option to cancel the echeck. You never lost ANY MONEY!

    Also, Joe did send an email on Sunday afternoon regarding the rejection of funds.

    If you check our EBAY record - N0FBC - we have close to 400 positive transactions. I think everyone in the Des Moines area will attest to the quality of ham that Joe is.

    Give me a break - you are a sore loser. GET A CREDIT CARD or direct transfer from your bank - so it goes thru the same day!

  3. KD0SET

    KD0SET Guest

    You need to act like a big boy... your acting like your a 2 year old!

    I would do business with Joe again. He is extremely nice, and trustful. With that, I would do the same thing that he would do, I wouldn't wait for a check that would come in 10+ days. So, you have to act like a big boy, and fly past this event.

  4. KU5Q

    KU5Q Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks, I knew there had to be more to the story.

    Thank you Linnea.

    I knew there had to be more to the story. There usually always is.

    Congratulations on your license.

    I'll look for you and your husbands sales, and buy something from you all just so I can come back and post positive feed back on you all because I bet I will be able to do so.

    Take care,

  5. KI0MX

    KI0MX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Joe Leto

    I was a down and out, partly disabled ham at one time. I had been living in a little town south-south east of Des Moines about 17 miles, called Ackworth. All I had for ham equipment was a VX-1R handiethingie. Joe drove down from Ankeny to see ME! And he brought me TWO radios, I don't remember hearing him say he wanted them back. One was an HTX100 Radio Shack ten meter rig. The other was a Kwood TM231. Both radios were victims of a house fire. I had lost most of my possesions in this fire. The HTX was melted. The '231 was extremely singed, and basically useless. I beleive Joe was a very good person loaning me this equipment. He DID NOT HAVE TO DO THAT! Plus he drove over 30 miles and delivered it to me. I am in a different town now, and in better shape than back in the summer of 1998 and the following 4 years. I am now in a little town in Iowa called Farmington. And I now have MY OWN equipment that I bought with MY money. I now own a FT-840 w/FM, an FT-857D/ needing mod un-done, an FT-2800M, an HR2600 Uniden, an ADI AR-147+. Also I bought my daughter an FT-2800M when she passed her tech in 2007. If Joe was to need help, I may just give it, as payment for kindness. 'Nuff said. Peace and God bless. Ed KI0MX
  6. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ed, that is a good story and a great representation of the ham I thought Joe to be. Thanks for sharing it.
  7. KC0AZF

    KC0AZF Ham Member QRZ Page

    KJ0L = A+

    I have had several dealings with Joe and I have not had any issues with him. Even with the slander of his name I would not and will not let this affect how I do business with him.

    Now on the other hand I think that you are the one that broke the "contract" since you didn't deliver the payment in the fastest way possible. I would have reject it as well.


    Note to Joe: Don't let the slander that that this guy is trying to do bring you down. :)
  8. W0IW

    W0IW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you!

    Hey folks!
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who have made so many nice comments on my behalf, and my life, as a ham radio operator, and a person!

    Joe Leto
  9. K6ZZZ

    K6ZZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    You Ripped Me Off...AGAIN!!!!

    I've bought more junk from Joe than anyone! Remember that 756 Joe? Remember that 8100 you bought from me??? What a J-O-A-K...Joke!!!

    Everytime we have a bad deal I just go to his house and he kicks me in the back pockets...done deal!!!

    Seriously, I think the OP was premature with his post. I know Joe personally and have never known him to screw over ANYONE....except me, but I like the abuse and that's why I keep coming back!! I just can't help it... :rolleyes:

    Joe, I'll see you and Linnea at Field Day to work the grill for ya! Don't let one misinformed "greedy" ham get under your saddle. We ALL know you are NOT what this guy claims you are....carry on thou wayward son!!!


    PS. Thanks for the 11 element 2m beam that your gave me for FREE, just so I could get a better signal into the .310 from my QTH! I wish you happier trails in the near future! OVER!!! :D
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