Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by WA6MHZ, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. WA6MHZ

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    I bought a folding antenna from MFJ at HRO, and it didn't even make it out of the package before it broke!!! As I tugged on the whip to get it out of the package, the top came off and it broke the wire holding it to the connector I am not a Gorrilla like some Hams I know. I treat all my equipment very gently, but this is ridiculous!!! Can't even get it out of the packaging without breaking it? WTF? indeed!!!!!! So will see if HRO will replace it next week
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  2. WA6MHZ

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    After HRO, I went to 7-11 and got another DOUBLE GULP as Saturday was going to be a SCORCHER!!
    Then it was off to FRYS where I found a NTE diode 200V at 20A that should work just fine. Back at the Radio Hospital I found an L Bracket that I mounted it in. The bracket is also bolted to the case so it should heatsink it just fine. This was neccessary, cuz under battery ONLY power, the battery fed back into the Power supply and ran the fan. Don't need any wasted current under battery power!!! The Radio draws 290mA idle which is great! So the 12 AH battery will run a long time
    I RTV'd the daylights out of it to prevent any chance of anything shorting to it, as it has the full battery B+ on it. And on the other side, the Power Supply B+ The power supply voltage was increased to 14.6V to compensate for the diode loss. I now had a perfect 13.8VDC running the radio and recharging the battery

    I showed it off at the ARES meeting and all who saw it were tickled!!! It is indeed the ULTIMATE GO KIT!!! Some took pics so they could duplicate the design, though this was custom made at CAT RANCH ELECTRONCS!! I need to put a CAT RANCH ELECTRONICS LOGO on it!
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  3. WA6MHZ

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    by the way, HARBOR FREIGHT CASES have really gone downhill. Back in the 90s this was made of real aluminum sheeting and backed up by wood. On the UGKVER3, I got a new case and it was made of CARDBOARD and simulated aluminum (but really just thin plastic)
    So a 90s case is a real find! They are really cutting corners in China to make them as cheaply as possible and maximize profit.
    On another note, I use my cutoff saw frequently to cut the bar aluminum and angle aluminum for the projects. It was used extensively in this and the Monument to FUTILTY: the Remote Power Supply for the converted SB-221 (now the SB-226)

    Think we will let SUE figure out how to make it work if she ever gets the time. I have alot of money in that boondoggle!! Probably well over $700!!! The final tank didn't work and thats where progress stopped. The Remote Power supply portion of it works magnificently!!!

    Over time, the blade wore down on the CUTOFF SAW, so I bought a new one. But I can't get the old one off the saw!!! So Harbor Freight designed this to be DISPOSABLE SAW!!! Buy a new one when the blade wears out1!! RAT BASTARDS

    So this Go Kit is officially in Service once I get the P.O.S. MFJ antenna replaced!!!
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