The Flu Jab or Flu Vaccine Abroad

Discussion in 'ex-Rag Chew Central' started by N3AWS, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. N3AWS

    N3AWS Ham Member QRZ Page

  2. PA5COR

    PA5COR Ham Member QRZ Page

    More or less the same as the rest of th Europeans, the groups most vulnerable to flu get the shots, or if you want to get it from your housedoctor.
    People have paid sickdays here, for people working in the food industry i rather not would have to see them work through their flu illness handling food..... but stay home and til their flu is over get back to work.
  3. 2E0OZI

    2E0OZI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just a routine thing for vulnerable groups - not a problem. I'm in one of the groups thats gets thiers for free.
  4. WA9SVD

    WA9SVD Ham Member QRZ Page

    IB4TL: How is this related to Amateur Radio? Methinks WRONG FORUM.
  5. G0GQK

    G0GQK Ham Member QRZ Page

    This discussion could be a matter of life or death.! Retired people are notified every years that 'flu jabs are available. In my town the surgery has a special Saturday morning when people just walk in give their names and have a jab. They have a coffee and cake counter and the place is packed out with chattering OAP's

    As for those employed at food processing factories they are not permitted to return to work for a number of days after feeling an improvement to return to work following the 'flu they contacted. Its the same with staff who have visited India or Pakistan, in fact any country outside Europe. They are not permitted to work again for three weeks to ensure a germination period has been passed

    Mel G0GQK
  6. M3KXZ

    M3KXZ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm an AR op, and I get flu jabs from the NHS due to nearly kicking the bucket a year ago. And my bucket has a load of antenna wire in it. So it's all related to AR now!
  7. KC8VWM

    KC8VWM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well recent studies are suggesting the flu virus can be transmitted to other operators via radio waves over amateur radio bands.

  8. W5BIB

    W5BIB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    And,... Don't forget, a person can be exposed to the virus repeatedly if using "repeaters"..:eek:
  9. KJ4VTH

    KJ4VTH Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good comeback :)
  10. K6CPO

    K6CPO Ham Member QRZ Page

    It seems like every newscast I've seen for the last week has had a story about the flu and how we should all get shots. I wonder how much of this effort is being pushed by the vaccine manufacturers?
  11. NL7W

    NL7W Ham Member QRZ Page

    As in advertising and or under-table dollars thrown their way.

  12. G4OTU

    G4OTU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I get it free every year as a "vulnerable person"(Suffer from M.E.) and also because I'm a pensioner.

    Our " vulnerable " groups are ..

    Pregnant mothers
    People with certain chronic conditions
    Health care workers
  13. KB9BVN

    KB9BVN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have a friend that got one about 13 years ago...they were so sick I thought they'd die...and so did they. So I don't get a flu shot, or a pneumonia shot. We do take a lot of precautions during the cold and flu season, and I am glad to say it's been years and years since I've had a bad cold or the flu. Lot's of hand washing, hand sanitizer, and avoiding crowds this time of year seems to help out a ton. I absolutely hate flying in the winter time, those planes are filthy disgusting germ vaults.
  14. K2NCC

    K2NCC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Why do I feel so suspicious of mass-vaccinations such as the flu, shingles, etc? Often very cheap or free.

    This push, from TV "public service" adverts to the placards at the local grocery store, seems a lot more prevalent in the past few years. I can't even go to the DR's office without getting asked if I want my flu shot. I have *never* had a flu shot. Unless I'm sure my life depends on it, probably never will.

    Is there something "they" aren't telling us? Producers of the vaccine turning our fear us into profits? The government doping our vaccines with something more than a flu virus? Maybe the wide-spread of whatever dis-ease the shot helps is greater than I think? Should I put on my aluminum hat in case it's aliens?

    I'm under the impression, flu shots in particular, are only slightly useful as the flu you could get today isn't the same flu they made the vaccine from yesterday.
  15. G4SKO

    G4SKO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I usually pay for the jab every season, I booked a jab a few weeks back at my health centre, had the jab and was told it was free because they had treated all of the local vulnerable people and had spare stocks to distribute. I just love our National Health Service.
  16. KI4NGN

    KI4NGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    By then it will be too late! LOL

    I am amazed at the ignorance on this topic, expressed by a group of people who, by definition of being on this site as AR licensed individuals, should have some modicum of education.

    Vaccines have saved millions of lives, but because they're widely and cheaply available, there must be some nefarious reason? And if they weren't, then there'd also be some nefarious reason!

    Each flu season the medical community in the form of the CDC and others give it a best guess as to which of three flu strains will likely be prevalent in the US. They usually, but not always, get it right. If they get it wrong, then some people who get the shot will still get the flu. When they get it right, about 1/3 will still get the flu.

    A seatbelt can, not will, but can save your life. Is the fact that it's not a sure thing a logical reason not to wear one?
  17. N0WVA

    N0WVA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Im not one to trust them to the extent that I want to be injected by who knows what kind of heavy metal. Ever look at the side effects of many prescription drugs? They range from serious body malfunctions to severe mental problems like suicide. And somehow its legal to hand this stuff over to people and kids?

    Id rather let my body fight it off on its own if possible.
  18. KI4NGN

    KI4NGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Have you ever examined the percetanges of people who suffer the side effects? The manufacturers have to post all potential side effects, but a little research will show how few people actually experience them, and usually the more severe the reaction, the more rare that it is.

    Yes, some people have adverse reactions to flu shots. Tens of millions don't. Everyone wants medicine to be an exact science, but it's not.
  19. N0WVA

    N0WVA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ive seen two members of my family suffer the direct consequences of prescription drugs. Fortunately we figured out what was wrong, removed the pills and the problems disappeared.From my experience, severe mental and physical side effects arent as limited to what you are implying.

    If any other product had a warning on the side of it saying it may make you go kill yourself, do you think it would be allowed to be marketed? But yet you get tons of these advertisements on TV and the last things they tell you is they may cause internal bleeding, heart attack, suicidal tendencies.....Yet the farmer down the road gets busted for selling there a problem with this picture?
  20. KI4NGN

    KI4NGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have seen quite a few ads on television that detail the side effects of medicines, including some that are fatal.

    ANY drug may cause a severe or fatal reaction in someone.

    There is always the risk versus reward to consider with any drug. Always. Aspirin has been around for a long time, but there are those who can't take it because it will make their stomach bleed. That doesn't take away from the hundreds of millions who have benefited from it.

    Tylenol has been found to be a great aspirin substitute without the stomach problems, but there are people who're allergic to it. Sometimes there's just no knowing until the drug is ingested. Alcoholics, likely to have liver disease, should not take it because it may lead to complications, some of them fatal.

    And these are two over-the-counter drugs that are widely accepted!

    I'm not "implying" anything, but suggest you look at the numbers, they are available.

    What's dismissed is that the potential side effects have always been there for all drugs, and that information has always been available to doctors. What's changed is that drug companies are now allowed to market their drugs to the public, but in doing so must also disclose all of the potential side effects.

    Pick any drug that you want, look up the side effects, and you'll see what they are and what the occurence of them is likely to be.

    Some have gone on and on in this site discussing the potential harm of flu vaccines, yet won't acknowledge the tens of millions, myself included, who have never had a reaction to a flu shot.

    Risk versus reward.

    Look at Chantix, the drug to help stop smoking.


    Now you hear that and think Jeez, who would take that stuff!

    Well, people who want to stop smoking, that's who, and don't mind taking the 1 out of 3 chance that they may have one or more of those side effects. All unpleasant, but none fatal, of course. The risk is worth the reward to them.

    I'm not suggesting any individual action on your part, but only that your decisions should be based upon facts, not anecdotal information, which too many on here seem to rely upon.

    As for the last, I don't know why the farmer down the road got busted selling his milk. Perhpas his milk was making people sick? Or there was the discovery that he was not processing it properly and increased the potential of making people sick?

    Not enough information is what's "wrong with that picture".
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