Ten Tec Argonaut VI...and...

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by W1YB, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. W1YB

    W1YB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I attended the TT Hamfest this past weekend and it was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the factory tour and I came away more impressed with what TT can accomplish (and have accomplished.)
    I even rubbed shoulders with a couple of famous rock stars. :)

    It was also really a hoot to be able to operate all of the current TT rigs side-by-side one-after-another. All them, save the Argo VI, are out of my price class, but it was fun none the less.

    I really liked the Argo VI and I believe it will be my next new rig. The size and configuration are to my liking. It is a simple rig and that is REALLY to my liking. I could not find fault with it in any way. I am pretty much a 17/30 meter QRS-CW/digital guy, my tastes are simple/basic and I especially like portable operation. The VI will do everything I would want and then some. It may be "...well under $1000..." per some of the TT folks. I think it will be a bargain at that price.

    It is not FCC approved nor has the beta testers input been incorporated. It will realistically be available for sale in 4 - 6 weeks. I am looking forward to the purchase.

    Just my humble $00.02 worth.



  2. N4AYZ

    N4AYZ Ham Member QRZ Page


    I have the Argonaut V, and really like it. I am sure you will like the VI if it's anything like the V. And now that Ten Tec has the new 100-watt amplifier, you can add that a later date.

  3. W1YB

    W1YB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for your reply, David.

    The VI is physically smaller than the V. I always regretted not buying a V when they were available, and I have not been able to find one used at a fair price.

    I am quite happy that TT is now producing the VI.

  4. KK0DJ

    KK0DJ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    With all the wonderful reports of the TT Hamfest, I think I will have to trek down next year. It sounds like it was a very good one this year. I am wondering, did TT allow anyone to snap a photo of the new Argo VI? If not, Johnne, could you, if you have time, describe the rig with whatever level of detail you recall? I am a 509 owner as well as a 546 station owner and am interested in the VI especially since N4AYZ said that it will have a 100w amp module down the road after the rollout. Thanks! :cool:
  5. N4AYZ

    N4AYZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Dennis, the amplifier I mentioned is actually a stand-alone unit and seems to already be on the market. Check it out here:



  6. W1YB

    W1YB Ham Member QRZ Page

    People were taking pictures everywhere you can imagine at TT. During my hour tour inside the factory at least 4 people took 10 - 15 pics each. In the operations tent I observed a couple of folks taking pictures of all of the rigs. There was an Orion and an A VI that were opened up by request and photos were snapped of the inside.

    What detail would you like about the A VI. QRPer.com has every piece of detail you might need about the VI. If you've seen that an want more please let me know what details you'd like.


  7. KK0DJ

    KK0DJ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thank you Johnne... you gave me the answer in that qrper.com has the low down on it. Thank you! Also, thank you Dave for letting me know of the link @ TT for the amp - nice execution by TT as usual! I like the variable color display!
  8. K7LZR

    K7LZR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, the Argonaut VI is out. FT-817nd kicks it in nearly every way and is over $200 less. Sorry Ten Tec fans :(.
  9. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I love my FT817ND but I don't see how it kicks the Argonaut. The Argo is 10 watts, and uses the same receiver chain as the Eagle, which is one of the top rated receivers out there. It looks like it's a 10 watt Eagle. The available 100 watt amplifier makes it a a practical alternative for people who want a QRP portable rig, and a 100 watt radio at home. 10 watts is 3 dB over the FT817, and I think that's significant on SSB. I wish they had included 6 meters in it, though. It's close to the price of the Elecraft KX3, which would be my choice in a field portable rig, but since most of my portable operation is from nice comfy motel rooms, the Ten Tec would be a good fit, too. If the Argo sounds as good as the Eagle, it will be a winner.
  10. W1YB

    W1YB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Speaking as someone who has demo-ed the 817ND and A VI in sequence within an hour of each other my findings differ from those of K7LZR.

    The A VI was much simpler (and more fun to me) to operate and it was FAR easier to listen to as well. The CW function of the A VI should not even be compared with that of the 817. The A VI operates like a much more expensive rig. True, the 817 does more than the A VI, but it does no single thing nearly as well. The 817 is the superior 'trail-friendly' rig, but the A VI was not designed with that purpose, but it will be great for 'picnic table-style' portable operation. The KX3 is my choice as a 'trail friendly' rig, though. As a QRP contest rig the A VI will be very adequate in RF environments that would swamp the 817 (and many other more expensive rigs.) The ability to upgrade the VI via firmware is a major benefit also (and of course, TT is in Tn.) The only function missing from the VI, for my purposes (actually the XYL's purposes) is Gen Cov receive.

    All that being said, the 817 has its place. The single biggest factor in the A VI's favor is that I enjoyed operating it so, so much. It was just way more fun to operate the A VI. I doubt I will ever need any rigs other than my A VI and my KX3. If I am brutally honest, the TT A VI is more fun to operate than the KX3. But, like the 817, the KX3 has its place.

    Just my $00.02 worth. YMMV

    73, W1YB
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