Swan 117xc Power supply rebuild kit

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KB7BGS, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. KB7BGS

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    Swan 117xc Pc board upgrade


    This is a complete replacement board, It has a Double Sided printed circuit to upgrade your Swan 117-X and XC power supply. It has the following features:

    Has 7 pages of instructions, pictorials, and schematic to assemble the board and replace the old Swan board.

    Replaces all components except the power transformer and filter choke.
    Has HV capacitors of 330 uF @ 400v. versus the original 100 uF @ 350v.
    The extra capacitance will stabilize the high and medium voltage as the current varies during SSB or CW operation.
    Has current surge protection for those expensive to replace tubes to prolong their life.
    Has custom, double sided, PC board with plated through holes from commercial vendor.
    Has a selection for the normal 800+ voltage for the final, or around 600 volts if you are driving a linear or just want to extend the life of those finals.
    Has diodes with a 1.5 amp rating, versus the original 3/4 amp Swan diodes.
    Has bleeder resistors on all DC output voltages to discharge capacitors on shut down, unlike the original.
    Has a terminal block for easy connection of the transceiver cable.
    You can contact me for anyfurther feedback or infromation email me at swanradios@yahoo.com
    Glad to help Stephen KB7BGS

    I would like to add that there is a return warranty if you are not completly satisfied just send the item back in the same box and packing material that you received it in within 3 days and money will be returned again thanks
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