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Standard HX240 field programming

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by AC7UB, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. AC7UB

    AC7UB Ham Member QRZ Page


    I purchased a Standard HX240U uhf radio which I hear is field progammable. Unfortunately, I cannot find a manual for this radio anywhere online.

    Would anyone have some quick and dirty instructions for field programming these radios?

    Thank you!

    David Ray
  2. N4XTS

    N4XTS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here are the instructions I copied from a Yahoo group many years ago. It's a little confusing, but this does work. I've owned a few HX-240V and U versions, and can vouch for these instructions. Hope it helps.

    Unit is user programmable. Open inside of radio, you
    will find a switch on the front inside cover of the radio (plastic
    frontside) the switch will have 2 positions rad and prg (prg is program)
    the other little switch shuts off the battery backup (dont switch this unless
    you want to clear) before clearing, or programming review programmed need to subtract the if freq from the rx freq you enter. (simple math find
    out where rx is go into programming mode and look at the freq)
    programming is done by holding the far left and the far right top buttons while
    powering up (yep its a trick. once you do will see 2 -- in the
    display. The lamp and monitor buttons walk you through the entries. CH selector sw
    changes the info and the holding the ptt while altering the freq's increases
    by 1mhz steps. Also the first thing you see after the -- and pushing the lamp
    button will be 12.5 (thats programming steps and freq steps) the rest is self
    explanatory...also dont forget to subtract the IF freq from your rx
    freq while entering...

    More detailed instructions:

    To put radio in program mode:
    Remove back cover of radio. Switch the rad/pgm switch to pgm. Put
    radio back together, install battery
    and hold down the SC/MO and KEY-L buttons while turing on the radio.
    The display will show - - when in program mode.

    Button functions in program mode:

    Channel Selection Knob: Changes values
    Lamp on/off: mode select
    Speaker on/off: store settings
    Push to talk: change frequency steps

    Order of frequencys displayed when in program mode:
    1st frequency displayed: receive
    2nd frequency displayed: transmit

    Note: To program the receive frequency, subtract 23.15Mhz from the
    desired receive frequency:
    (The transmit frequency is entered directly with no changes)

    Desired receive freq = 462.550Mhz
    Program radio = 439.40Mhz (462.550Mhz - 23.15Mhz)

    Desired transmit freq = 467.550Mhz
    Program radio = 467.550Mhz

    After setting radio to program mode:

    Press LAMP button. Display shows CS 12
    Unit is now in Channel Spacing mode. Default is 12.5Khz. rotate
    Channel Select to change value.
    Press SPEAKER button to store.

    Press LAMP button. Not sure what this function is.
    Press SPEAKER button to store.

    Press LAMP button.
    Display indicates channel# to program.
    Press SPEAKER button to store.

    Press LAMP button and turn channel selector to change receive
    frequency for above channel #.
    When correct receive frequency is displayed, press SPEAKER button to

    Next frequency displayd is the transmit frequency. turn channel
    selector to change transmit
    frequency. Press SPEAKER button to store transmit frequency.

    Next item displayed is CTCSS frequency. Select with channel selector.
    Press SPEAKER to store.

    Program sequence repeats with next channel #. When last itemis
    entered, switch rad/pgm switch
    back to rad position.
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