Sstran amt3000 am transmitter - wired & tested

Discussion in 'General Merchandise' started by W6ZZ, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. W6ZZ

    W6ZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    (NOT Available Assembled in USA)

    Employs Crystal-Controlled Frequency Synthesizer. The Synthesizer tunes ENTIRE AM Broadcast Band in PRECISE 10 Khz steps. Frequency coverage is 530 Khz to 1700 Khz with 10 Khz channel spacing.
    Frequency tolerance is ± .003%.

    Power input is 100 milliwatts, (MAX allowed for FCC Part 15 Operation). The RF output and modulator stages use a unique 5-transistor configuration that produces Low Distortion Modulation up to 100%. A Tunable Pi-Network matches RF output to 118" antenna (length limited by FCC regulations) without need for additional loading coils. Harmonic radiation Attenuated by the Antenna Tuning Network.

    Professional Quality audio compression and limiting maintains 100% modulation regardless of audio input level. Adjustable 1:1 db to 5:1 db compression ratio. Audio levels above adjustable limit level are compressed at 15:1 db ratio.

    • Audio frequency response of modulated RF carrier is 20Hz to 20kHz ±1 dB.
    • Treble boost pre-emphasis compensates for poor audio response of most AM radios.
    • Crystal frequency synthesizer covers entire AM broadcast band in 10 Khz steps.
    • 100 Milliwatt Final Input Power, MAX allowed, for license-free operation
    • Unique modulator and RF output stages yield High Quality Modulation up to 100%.
    • Tunable Matching Circuit matches short antennas without additional loading coils.
    • TWO audio input jacks are Mixed to convert a Stereo source to Mono.
    • TWO Voltage Regulators and RF-bypassed, bridge rectifier for clean, hum-free power.
    • Very LOW AC power consumption. AC adapter wall transformer is included.
    • Highest Quality double-sided PC board with solder masks and silk screen legend.

    Transmit Audio from ANY Source to any AM radio. Play what YOU want to hear -- CDs, MP3, Internet, Satellite,
    HAM -- or ANY audio source.
    The AMT3000 enables you to re-transmit from a digital tuner to your favorite old radios. Have an old radio or an antique radio collection? Play old-time radio programs from cassette, CD, satellite radio or internet radio and re-create the ambiance of the golden age of radio.

    Have an old Hi-Fi AM tuner? Experience its Full Capabilities with a wide-band signal source. Use as a teaching aid for electronics instruction in audio, RF, digital, PLL, and Amplitude Modulation concepts.

    w/Power Supply & Manual
    $109. Including Shipping w/Delivery Confirmation

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. W6ZZ

    W6ZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Price Reduced to $99.00 including Priority shipping to CONUS.


    Free Shipping!

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  3. W6ZZ

    W6ZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    sold - sold - sold

    Thanks for looking!
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