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Somebody Want to Explain This?

Discussion in 'Discussions, Opinions & Editorials' started by KB3ZGV, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. KB3ZGV

    KB3ZGV Ham Member


    Is that thing 15 KW?
  2. KC8ADU

    KC8ADU Ham Member

    bunch of fscktards.
    surprised more of these idiots dont get killed with that stuff.
    anyone ready to take up a collection to get him some sparkplugs?wouldnt want him to get cut and infected digging for one in that junkbox!
  3. W3WN

    W3WN Ham Member

    Probably not, but since it's illegal as all get-out, who cares?
  4. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Premium Subscriber

    Another Billy-Bob video!

    Yay, we can never get enough of those.
  5. NA0AA

    NA0AA Ham Member

    Well, the tailgate leaks so the inside smells like moldy carpet, the horn button held on with aluminum tape. I'd say the raw materials for those boxes is worth three to five times what the rolling enclosure is worth, but that's how they do it down there.

    I expected at least to see the antenna sending out sparks or something....
  6. KB3ZGV

    KB3ZGV Ham Member

    I was expecting that to happen here.


    So what is the goal of this? How do they "score" or win or whatever it is. Is someone off in the distance with a field strength meter or something?
  7. N9DSJ

    N9DSJ Subscriber

    I doubt if the goal has anything to do with the supposed subject matter of this forum...
  8. W4KTL

    W4KTL Ham Member

    I never does.
  9. AJ4CU

    AJ4CU Premium Subscriber

    UUH, UUmmm, IB4TL....???
  10. KB1NXE

    KB1NXE Platinum Subscriber

    Too easy. IB4TL

    WALT Multiplier...
  11. AJ4CU

    AJ4CU Premium Subscriber

    Also why does not the FCC keep an eye on this sort of thing and take these idiots down when they perform these feats of incredible stupidity?

    Stupid is as stupid does....
  12. AD7N

    AD7N Ham Member

    Yay! WALT multiplier.

    I'll see your Billy Bob video and raise you a Redneck Rocket Launcher vid.... [video=youtube;0Z53mFymC2U][/video]
  13. WA4BRL

    WA4BRL Ham Member

    I doubt anyone here cares -- about the contests or the rhetorical questions. Way too much CB fascination from a few...
  14. AF6LJ

    AF6LJ Ham Member

  15. N9DSJ

    N9DSJ Subscriber

    Which? The exposed HV or the smoking while playing with pyro-technics??
  16. AB1QP

    AB1QP Premium Subscriber

    IB4TL Better late than never.
  17. KB3ZGV

    KB3ZGV Ham Member

    You guys are funny for a bunch of engineers. Most good engineers I know will look at poor designs and examine the carnage when they fail in hopes of learning something.

    Why is there so much of a cult mentality among hams? It's like, "Don't look at that or you'll turn into a pillar of salt."
  18. N9DSJ

    N9DSJ Subscriber

    As an professional engineer for 3+ decades, I usually look at poor designs and think, "What a poor design".
  19. N9DSJ

    N9DSJ Subscriber

  20. AD7N

    AD7N Ham Member

    Roasting their nuts for a few laughs? I'd bet $0.00 they give a fat rip if they splatter across other CB'rs or into 10M....

    BTW.... double WALT POINTS!
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