Solar "Tsunami" headed for earth.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AC4BB, Jan 20, 2012.

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    This is from

    Active sunspot 1401 erupted yesterday, Jan. 19th around 16:30 UT, producing an M3-class solar flare and a full-halo coronal mass ejection (CME). The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the cloud expanding almost directly toward Earth:
    Analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab say strong geomagnetic storms are possible when the cloud arrives this weekend. Their animated forecast track predicts an impact on Jan. 21st at 22:30 UT (+/- 7 hrs). Aurora alerts: text, voice.​
    The cloud is also heading for Mars, due to hit the Red Planet on Jan. 24th. NASA's Curiosity rover, en route to Mars now, is equipped to study solar storms and might be able to detect a change in the energetic particle environment when the CME passes by. ​
    more images: from the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project of Atlanta, GA; from Theo Ramakers of Social Circle, GA; from Jim Haklar of Edison, New Jersey; from Zach, Annissa, and Annie of The G.W. Hinckley School in Hinckley, Maine​
  4. KD4MOJ

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    Danger Will Robinson! Danger!
  5. KF5FEI

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    Be interesting to see how it affects HF. I think the last one did something as my 30m WSPR log showed absolutely no reception for about 2 hours one night. Number of stations per hour dropped off pretty quickly to zero, then came back up gradually over about a 3-4 hour period.
  6. K9ASE

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    cool I'll be looking for the northern lights
  7. WS4E

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    Update from NASA...not longer looks like a direct hit.

  8. N4OLN

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    That website is dated 2010.
  9. KB4QAA

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    That gives us more time to get ready! It will hit us from behind! ;)

  10. AB8MA

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    It is confusing. The top banner says "Saturday 21 January 2012" (GMT).
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