Sir Bernard Lovell, Jodrell Bank Observatory founder, dies aged 98

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W9GB, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. W9GB

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    The celebrated physicist and radio astronomer Sir Bernard Lovell has died at the age of 98, the University of Manchester has announced.

    Jodrell Bank is dominated by the 76-metre (250ft) Lovell telescope, conceived by the astronomer.
    Lovell began working with the engineer Sir Charles Husband to build the telescope in 1945 and it has since become a symbol of British science and engineering and a landmark in the Cheshire countryside.
    A hugely ambitious project at the time, the telescope was the world's largest when it was completed in 1957 and within days tracked the rocket that carried Sputnik 1 into orbit, marking the dawn of the space age.
    It is still the third largest steerable telescope in the world and a series of upgrades means it is now more capable than ever, observing phenomena undreamed of when it was first conceived. The telescope plays a key role in world-leading research on pulsars, testing our understanding of extreme physics including Einstein's general theory of relativity.
    Last year, Jodrell Bank Observatory was placed on the British government's shortlist for World Heritage Site status, recognising its important role in research and education.
  2. 2E0OZI

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    RIP Sir Bernard. One of the pioneers of radio astronomy along with Carl Jansky and Martin Ryle, and Keith Moxon!
  3. W1YW

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    Karl Jansky; Martin Ryle; Grote Reber.

    Jodrell Bank is still nothing to sneeze at.

    I think Keith is not the same Moxon <?>

    Chip W1YW
  4. G4SKO

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    What a great legacy, from a great man.
  5. WA3TTS

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    Mr. Lovell's "Astronomer by Chance" is one of my favorite books. He was an incredibly talented individual and it is sad to hear of his passing. RIP Sir Benard Lovell and thank you for sharing your insights with us all....wa3tts
  6. WA3YGQ

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    Sir Bernard Lovell wrote the book "Meteor Science and Engineering" 1954.
    A.C.B. Lovell figures prominently in my study of meteor induced Sporadic E.
    His chapter on the daytime meteor streams of summer led to my discovery of the Arietids,Zeta Perseids & Beta Taurids as the source of our May to July Sporadic E.
    Bob Culbertson WA3YGQ for info on Em
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