Shack Clean-out continues

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by W3ILT, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. W3ILT

    W3ILT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Posted an ad for Shack clean-out items the other day. The cleanout continues. Have found a Realistic amplified antenna for DX-200 I listed earlier. Will add this to the deal for a total of $100.00. I have installed an extra long telescoping whip to this amplifier or can use it with an external dxing antenna. Amplified antenna is radio shack cat. no. 20-280 Buyer pays shipping

    Harmon 4200B Selective Voltmeter- This unit has been modified with an aluminium lined case to reject spurious signals. I used it to DX from .020-200 khz. It is so incredibly sensitive that I received WWVB at 60 khz on a Carolina windem at about 40db here in central PA. Have interfaced the audio to computer to copy transmission by LW and ELF. Orginal had a battery compartment but not now. Can chase down AC line noise on this bugger to isolate signals but now it is wired for 110 ac. $200.00 Buyer pays shipping.

    Realistic DX-160 with matching speaker and Ameco PT-2 Antenna pre-amplifier. This is a darn good Dxing rig. I have been very pleased with exceptional receive capablilities of this particular DX-160. The Ameco PT-2 amplifier could use its preamp in/out switch replaced but it still works. Pass through is not effected. This system would afford someone hours upon hours of DXing with the right antenna. $150.00 Buyer pays shipping.

    Midland All Hazards Radio with weather alert model no. # WR-q00. This is a little white bugger with small antenna that would look nice on a kitchen counter. It does digital readout of weather alerts. I have orginal box and manual. It's an average quality weather band receiver, I am not really impressed. Would like to upgrade to a better quality scanner with weather readout. $50.00 Buyer to pay shipping.

    AOR AR-2500 Wide Range monitor- Speaking of quality, this monitor/scanner was made way before its time. It monitors just about anything. Can program in a weather channel or WWV at 5 or 10 mhz and it receives them equally well. Its best qualities are am/fm wide and narrow. It will do single sideband but is hard to tune. It has alot of memory banks and is CAT ready. I think software for cat programming is still available for it. This thing was made way before its time. Like I said, I would like to upgrade to latest technologies of a digital readout monitor. $175.00 Buyer to pay shipping.

    Camera and bug detector brandnew in box- I goofed and bought two of these security and rf pocket size sensors. It is very sensitive and covers 50mhz-6ghz for signal detection. Has a belt clip and small antenna, comes with two unused AAA batteries. $75.00 Buyer pays shipping.

    IBM Laptop with Docking Station- This is one of my old echolink laptops. It's an IBM Thinkpad 770 with a docking station, a home use platform. It has lots of goodies inside. Runs best on Windows 2000. Have another external power adapter for it. It does need a new battery. If you tell me what your need is in a laptop I may or maynot be able to set it up for you. Otherwise this is an excellent little system to ad an echolink station. $250.00 Buyer to pay actual shipping charges.

    IBM Laptop- This is an IBM Thinkpad 760XD I used for echolink too. It needs a battery too. Has external power supply. Not a bad little laptop to surf or chat or work echolink. It is what it is. $125.00

    Layfayette CB Collection- Hoping to fill my cabinets with drakes and collins and other stuff now. Tube Cbs are a Comstat 19, Comstat 25a. There is a Lafayette Telstat 925 and a Realistic Navaho. Comstat 25a worked last time I plugged it in. Only radio having a mic is the Realistic Navaho. Make me an offer. Shipping is going to be expensive.

    RCA Sat. system- A guy owing me some money gave me this brandnew RCA system I never used. It's a small dish with modern receiver and decoder box. Box has a code card slot. Have a universal mounting kit new in box too. I have two sat dishes now. Make me an offer, buyer pays shipping too.

    Philco Wooden Cabinet floor Standing Radio. This looks like a goody to restore. It's a wood standing floor standing Model # 70 Tube Receiver/amp. Wood is cracked on top front, can think of several fixes for that. Otherwise ask for pics and further information to make an offer.

    Misc.- Two Channel atus AM-150 two channel stereo and mike mixer. This thing is beat up but works. New it cost me about $200.00. Selling it for $50.00 plus shipping. Ask for pictures and further information if interested. Realistic transistorized and battery operated 2 channel stereo/mono mic only mixer. I bet this one would be hard to find if needed. $25.00 plus shipping. Philco desktop am/fm JC Penney model small creme or white colored ac radio for kitchen or shack. $20.00 plus shipping.

    For trading and barter, I am looking for a Kenwood R-1000. I have the manual, so why not get the radio ? I would like to find a Layfette Comstat 23b in really good condition. Was the first transciever I ever talked on. I need a Drake SP-75  power supply or any Drake Power supply that works on a TR-5. Would like a drake 1000hz filter for a TR-5. Maybe a 3600 who knows.
    I also have a Penatrator bi-lateral 200 watt 10 meter linear with preamp relay chatter This base unit is also a 15 amp power supply with lugs on back.

    I can furnish high resolution digital pics of anything that may interest you. I am willing to compromise, I only use Cowboy diplomacy when forced to do so, so please make me an offer. Giving Hams first  dibs over ebay crowd. Thanks for looking, Mark W3ILT.
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