RFinder for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod has been released!!!

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W2CYK, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. W2CYK

    W2CYK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    For immediate release...
    From the desk of W2CYK

    After many requests from our users we are pleased to announce the official release the next platform release of RFinder - The World Wide Repeater Directory (WWRD). It is available for immediate download from the Apple App Store.

    RFinder already runs on Android and http://web.rfinder.net. The World Wide Repeater Directory is also accessible from RTSystems radio programmers and via CHIRP on Windows, Linux and Macintosh with the same user/password you use on handheld devices. Our goal is to have the WWRD accessible from most pervasive platforms. To that end Windows Phone and Symbian versions are in development and slated for release this summer. The web version has been tested and works on Blackberry.

    We plan to have a data file download for Garmin and TomTom GPS devices from RFinder/Web sometime Fall of 2012.

    FrontScreen.jpg Override.jpg RDetail.jpg RList.jpg CallsignLookup.jpg
  2. KJ6CM

    KJ6CM Ham Member QRZ Page

    It doesn't tell you that its an annual fee!
  3. N4FNB

    N4FNB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    $9.99 is not bad, less than the cost of a magazine. :cool:
  4. W2CYK

    W2CYK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  5. WD8FM

    WD8FM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    He might of been talking about this front page ad on QRZ. That could have been mentioned with the QRZ post (fee).
  6. KD7SJT

    KD7SJT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Do to the fact that there is a significant fee involved, not only to buy the app, but the annual fee associated with it too, why would I do this when I can do one of two things, buy a repeater directory from ARRL, or do a google search for repeaters in my local area. The latter of which, doesn't cost me a dime. It's hard to get excited about this when my pocket has to fork up cash. I'll pass.
  7. W2CYK

    W2CYK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Pass away!

    This is cheaper than the paper directory ($12/year for the paper directory), GPS enabled, accessible from nearly any computing device available, accessible from RTSystems radio programmers, Linux, Windows, Mac (lookup CHIRP) AND Web for the same $9.99, gives you map visualizations, exports data for an area, allows you to update errors and/or changes to your local machines and add new repeaters (try to update the paper directory). Why is it better to pay more for the paper directory? It's not GPS enabled. Seems counter-intuitive to me.

    Just take a few minutes and try to search for repeaters in France or Finland. Try to find machines in ZL or Tasmania. Better yet, try to look those up in the paper directory!

    I would bet you wasted 10 bucks on something this week. It's cheaper than one day of smoking for the year. It may have been cheaper than lunch today.


  8. N8NOE

    N8NOE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    $9.99 and updated regular, ZERO annual Fee........
    I have even submitted new Repeaters and almost immediate reply.....
  9. W2CYK

    W2CYK XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    Thanks for your comments...

    In any good business model there is competition...The software you mentioned from what i see is US only. That data is available in a variety of free sources.

    The announcement here was about The World Wide Repeater Directory, not another US repeater directory.

    You are getting immediate access to your update and add requests because they are most likely not being checked.

    Each add/update request from any platform of RFinder is checked by a human for accuracy before it goes live. Updates go live Monday mornings 1AM UTC.

    Nice DX stats! We operated PJ4S last week..did you work us?


  10. WA2SI

    WA2SI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Keep up the great work, Bob. Both my son and I have this on our Android phones and it works FB! My daughter just switched over to and iPhone not too long ago so your timing is impeccable. It is a good value and a great bang for the buck. Many will want free apps/service and that is human nature, I suppose. However, having worked in IT for approx. 16 years and knowing firsthand the effort that goes into development & support, I think it's a great deal.

    Agn, keep up the good work.

    Vy 73 de Bert
  11. W2CYK

    W2CYK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    TX Bert! The support of our rapidly growing user community speaks for itself...I appreciate the support of your Ham family!!!

    Thanks my friend for the kind words!

    I didn't see you in the PJ4S log ;)...I was so busy on phone I didn't pull out a key!


  12. WD8FM

    WD8FM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well if I was in France, Finland, ZL, or Tasmania, I dont think I would be looking for a repeater. I think I would have much better things to do.
  13. NA9J

    NA9J XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have the product on my Adroid phone and am very happy with it. So I will not have to repay to download and run on my iPad?
    Thanks and 73,
    John NA9J
  14. AB5RM

    AB5RM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Telling a potential customer who is not yet sold and thinks he will pass, to "PASS AWAY" implies a level of arrogance that my not be intended, but was certainly felt.
  15. W2CYK

    W2CYK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    LOL not how it was meant! I was telling him to pass if he wants to...but thats actually a funny entendre!
  16. W2CYK

    W2CYK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Tx John for your support...

    Not free but your subscription gets extended! Only way to have the App Store continue sending updates ;) and I have to pay the programmer!
  17. W2CYK

    W2CYK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    LOL depends...

    Some of us like to meet up with our local compatriots...some of my best trips around the world were enhanced by meeting local hams!
  18. K7GFH

    K7GFH Ham Member QRZ Page

    May not have been how it was meant but funny none the less. Going to use this phrase in the future!
  19. W2CYK

    W2CYK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Here's another for you: Plagiarize at will!!! You will get extra credit!

    LOL...I know...that opens up a whole 'nother can of worms...

  20. KC2YU

    KC2YU Ham Member QRZ Page


    I've been searching for an accurate way to find repeaters in the NYC metro area, but it seems the underlying data is just not accurate.

    to be clear, I'm not referring necessarily to this app, but to all the online repeater directories.

    My question is what is the underlying database that this app references? If it truly has the accurate location info for repeaters in the NYC area (something none of the online directories have), it's well worth the money.


    Joseph, kc2yu
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