RF Concepts RFC 2-23 2 Meter 30 Watt Amplifier

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    This amplifier features a GaAs-Fet preamp, High SWR protection, and automatic RF-Sensed keying. The RFC 2-23 is designed to work with all modes of transmissions, including FM, CW, and SSB. Includes copy of manual and power cord.

    Frequency Range 143 – 149 Mhz
    Power Input 200 MW to 5 Watts
    Power Output 30 Watts (2 Watts in)
    Maximum Power Input 5 Watts
    Duty Cycle Less than 50%, not rated for repeater use
    Mode FM/SSB
    GaAsFet Preamp Noise Figure 0.75 – 1.5 Db
    GaAsFet Preamp Gain 15 Db
    Keying Automatic RF-sensing
    Input-Output Impedance 50 Ohms
    Voltage Requirement 13.8 VDC
    Current Requirement 4 Amps
    Fuse 7 Amps
    Size/Weight 6.5”X3.5”X2”/2 Lbs

    I will ship this amplifier to you for $65.00. I prefer Paypal and pay all fees.

    Dorsey W7EDS

    Email: k 5 e d s at earthlink dot net

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    Sale Pending.
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    Sold to John, Thanks!
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