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Discussion in 'RFinderPi - Open Source radio interface based on R' started by WE6EE, May 19, 2017 at 10:07 PM.

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  1. WE6EE

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    Hi guys,

    tl;dr: Is anyone interested the remote power shutdown watchdog I built to comply with 47 CFR 97.213?

    My name is Dave. I'm pretty new to ham radio, but have really been interested in remote operations. I've been able to set up my rig (IC-7300) for remote access using an RPi and forwarding the audio and control over the network using basic linux commands. The control works well, the audio so-so.

    But actually, the point of my post is that in all that experimentation to get that to work, I realized that sometimes I can crash the RPi. Furthermore, because of a sub-optimal antenna setup, I have had some incidents with "rf in the shack" that caused my hardware to crash -- including while transmitting.

    This inspired me to build a hardware watchdog timer that will power down the rig if it loses network contact. A transistor switch controls DC to the rig. The switch is controlled by what is essentially an Arduino, and the Ard is connected to an RPi via i2c.

    The RPi is running a simple server that I can connect to remotely using a web browser. The web page periodically polls the status of the watchdog, and when only a few seconds are left, it re-ups the counter. With this come a few other goodies, like remote voltage monitoring, and being able to switch some other things, too.

    The two processor approach was designed to make this very robust. The code on the Ard is very small and easy to validate. Nothing much should crash it and it *will* shut down the rig if it does not get a ping from the host. The RPi on the other hand, is easy to code for and is a nice robust computing platform. Also, in addition to the watchdog server, the RPi should also be able to act as the main communications gateway for the radio itself.

    I am thinking of just putting all the design files up on github, or I might make a kit, or even a complete product, depending on interest level. Is there any?

    Dave WE6EE

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