Remote radio use in server room

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by KB9NUR, May 4, 2012.

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  1. KB9NUR

    KB9NUR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi all,

    I got my license at 16 and used it for about two years then relocated and I've been inactive for nearly 15 years. I want to be active, but struggle getting on the air b/c of not having a good setup. Thinking about why, I realized it's because of how my "shack" is arranged. My wife is not a fan of me running coax to the various places where I'd like to use the radio. In my basement I have coax for ham radio and my cable modem, some linux servers, and windows 2008 servers. The environment isn't ideal though, so I generally just remote in to the servers rather than having a desk and chair like I originally planned on doing when I installed the radio coax.

    So I had an ah-ha moment... Could I hook my radio to the mic and speaker jacks of a computer, and key the radio using the serial port. Quick google search, bam - all kinds of stuff about doing that for doing digital modes. Now... how cool would it be if I could do this *remotely* and with audio instead of the digital modes??

    To review: I'd like to use a headset on my laptop while upstairs and direct that audio to the machine downstairs. I think this could be done with Skype, except it routes all the traffic out to the internet and back again. I'd like whatever solution to remain internal to my network.

    Thinking imaginatively, I could have an app on the laptop and an app on the server that pushes audio back and forth via tcp or udp. However that's prone to all kinds of goofiness. Remote Desktop can remotely connect audio but may have some issues with latency, particularly when I'm talking into the headset and over the air. Nobody wants to hear my choppy audio :) Furthermore, I seem to not be able to use my mic remotely despite Remote Desktop's saying that I can. I'm open to solutions for linux or windows. I'm sure the technology for this exists, but I don't konw what to call it.


    James KB9NUR
  2. K6ABZ

    K6ABZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    You probably want to use some sort of SIP/VoIP application. Honestly, everything I can think of - including Skype - goes through the Internet, even if both computers are on the same LAN.

    You CAN do remote control with Ham Radio Deluxe, and there are countless VoIP applications out there. In fact, one way might be to use TeamSpeak. A plugin to key your radio based on received audio is pretty simple, and you could easily run a private TS server on one of your *Nix boxes.

    What kind of radio are you using? Knowing that would help determine a strategy for remote controlling it.
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