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Red Cross Diverted 9-11 Towers Donations from Victims!

Discussion in 'ex-Rag Chew Central' started by W4XKE, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. W4XKE

    W4XKE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Red Faces at the Red Cross...

    Another report of corruption of charitable contributions:,8599,184475,00.html

    Only when publicly embarressed in the media did the R/C turn loose of some of the money that people had donated for the victims. Much the same story for Haiti and New Orleans.

  2. KC7YRA

    KC7YRA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not to choose sides here, but before my WW2 veteran grandfather passed away, he told me to NEVER trust the redcross.

    He had some stories from when he was in the service, serving in the European theater. Absolutely shocking.

    For that very reason, I have kept a distance from the RC. The stories like this from the past decade don't help the matter.

  3. W3WN

    W3WN Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is nothing new.

    It's been well documented in the past that when the American Red Cross solicits donations for THIS disaster, they actually bank the money. They will spend the banked money on the next disaster, when it comes.

    What's disengenous is that they imply, when they're soliciting, that the $$ is needed for THIS (the current) disaster. They probably figure that if they said "we need to get ready for the next one" (in not so many words) they wouldn't get as much in the way of donations, especially the sympathy ones.

    That's not counting the money that's... let's say diverted... to help pay the usual administrative costs. Like 6 figure salaries for the top brass. Plus perks.

    Nothing new here. No surprise that they've done this for 9/11 donations, just like they've done with all the others.
  4. KW4MW

    KW4MW Ham Member QRZ Page

    My F-I-L was also in the European theatre. He related after being in the rain and mud for several weeks they came upon a Red Cross truck with hot coffee and donuts - for a price..
  5. N5CEY

    N5CEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    As a young ham (14), I was on flood watch duty on the allegheny river in Kittanning, PA. I was on the river level watch for 36 hrs, calling in water/ice levels of the river. The RC came by and generously gave out HORSERADISH sandwiches and coffee you could pave the street with.

    My dad was in Korea, and said the RC would SELL donuts to the troops.

    Agree with YRA, always kept my distance.
  6. N0AZZ

    N0AZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Same stories here from family first hand, I would never give one red cent to them a bunch of crooks. But I never miss a chance to give to the Salavation Army. With them you can depend on your money being spent on the people it was meant for and not for salaries some quite high like the "Red Cross". There are several church releif groups that give 100% of the money is applied to the people.

    I saw what the Alimish did after 3 different tornados in my area the Joplin, MO being the largest manpower that you would not beleive for a very long time there work set aside just to help (most are self employed) but still need to pay bills. In fact I saw on the news just a few weeks ago that one large area of woods still needed to be cleaned up in the city and showed about 15-20 Alimish men with chain saws and the same amount of women carrying brush to piles.
  7. WA6MHZ

    WA6MHZ Subscriber QRZ Page

    "Marsha J. Evans, President and CEO of the American Red Cross...for her salary for the year ending in 2009 was $651,957 plus expenses. Enjoys 6 weeks - fully paid holidays including all related expenses during the holiday trip for her and her husband and kids. including 100% fully paid health & dental plan for her and her family, for life. This means out of every dollar they bring in, about $0.39 goes to related charity causes."

  8. W5INC

    W5INC Ham Member QRZ Page

    You can add the United Way to this list also. :mad: I don't think Clara Barton received a penny for her work during the Civil War here in the USA.
  9. KF5FEI

    KF5FEI Ham Member QRZ Page

    The only thing worse is companies that "insist" their employees contribute to United Way or other charities. Several places I have worked were not to shy to let you know your next raise might suck if you didn't pony up.
  10. K6CPO

    K6CPO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I encountered this where I worked. They knew they couldn't require you to donate, but you had to attend a mandatory solicitation meeting where the implication was that you should donate. After a few years of low donations, the dropped the meetings and just brought the donation forms around during working hours. Didn't help...

    The military used to be all hot on the Combined Federal Campaign and used the same pressure tactics to try to get donations. I don't think there's much of that going on any more.

    Because of all the adverse publicity, I haven't donated to any "charity" in years. I give my money (and time) to other organizations, some animal related. A number of years back, a female jogger was killed by a mountain lion in San Diego County. The mountain lion was subsequently tracked down and killed. It turned out it was a female with a couple of cubs. The cubs were turned over to an animal rescue organization to be cared for. One of my co-workers was bitching about how the cubs got more monetary donations than the children of the jogger. I reminded him that animal rescue organizations aren't government supported and there are many, many other organizations devoted to families, including the welfare system. And the jogger's husband (the kid's father) was still alive and working...
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012
  11. KA5S

    KA5S Subscriber QRZ Page

    Interesting reading from Snopes re RC charging service members for donuts, coffee, and lodging:

    QUOTE]There is truth to one of the rumors, however. During WWII the American Red Cross did indeed charge American
    servicemen for coffee, doughnuts, and lodging. However, it did so because the U.S. Army asked it to, not because it was
    determined to make a profit off homesick dogfaces.

    The request was made in a March 1942 letter from Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson to Norman H. Davis, chairman of the
    American Red Cross. Because American soldiers were fighting as part of the Allied Forces, matters had to be considered on
    a Force-wide rather than solely American basis. The Red Cross was asked to establish club facilities for U.S. servicemen
    overseas where Allied troops would be welcome. Because English and Australian soldiers were being charged for the use of
    such facilities, it was deemed unfair that Americans were to get similar benefits for free, especially in light of their pay

    WRT 9-11, CBS News reported in February 2009 that
    Part One of the three part report may be found at;contentBody

  12. W3WN

    W3WN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I worked in the IT department at a local hospital for one year, many moons ago.

    They were (and are) a big proponent of United Way. There's a big push from all of the departments to "encourage" all employees to make "voluntary" donations.

    When I marked my paperwork that I was declining to donate, next morning, I was called into my boss's office. An explanation was demanded. I pointed out that UW was supposed to be voluntary, that I didn't care for some of the groups it did support for one reason or another, and that I preferred to make my own donations directly to those groups I supported. I also didn't care for the "off the top" costs that the local UW skimmed off all donations for "administrative" purposes, and I didn't care for some of their accounting sleight-of-hand.

    An hour later, she and I are in HER bosses office. Same demand. I gave the same explanation. I also refused to give in to the "request" that I offer to donate a token dollar per pay check... which in light of my reasons would have been hypocritical.

    I found out 2 weeks later that I was the reason given that the IT department did not have 100% participation that year in UW. I also found out that most of the participants gave that token dollar just to keep the bosses off their backs.

    Not entirely by coincidence, my next performance review was poor, as I was suddenly no longer a "team" player, and I was dismissed the following spring. Both on the review & my termination interview, my refusal to participate in UW was mentioned as a key reason why my employment was no longer desired... even though it was supposed to be voluntary, not mandatory.

    I do not contribute to United Way to this day. My reasons remain unchanged.
  13. AC0H

    AC0H Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you could have documented that your refusal to "donate" to UW was the cause of your dismissal you could have been the heppy owner of a hospital today.
  14. K0BG

    K0BG Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I just bet that Clare Barton is turning over in her grave!

    Charity Watch is one place folks can go to find out which charity does what they say they do. It is interesting that the Red Cross gets lambasted on Charity Watch for almost everything they don't do, but they aren't listed! I suspect for good reason.

    It is an unfortunate situation, but all to true: With most charities, the largest recipient of their donated dollars go to their executive staff!
  15. WF7A

    WF7A Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ron, I admire your sticking with your guns and your principles, but for $12/year was it worth losing a well-paying job?
  16. AJ4CU

    AJ4CU Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    If everybody "just gave in" things in this country would be far worse than they are, I have had the same experience many years ago working for an auto dealership in Va Bch, VA, everybody had to go to this motivational meeting telling how good it is to give I still refused, although I did not lose my job over it, sounds like it could have been a great lawsuit in the offing, I would have contacted the Dept of Employment for starters....
    I donate to breast cancer research (wife is a survivor) and the local sheriff dept "shop with a cop" program which is run by a friend of mine and until our local Fire Dept went County the Vols got a regular donation.
    I never have nor will I "just do it" to make people feel good, truly sickening, besides $12.00 could be a nice find in a Ham Fest!
  17. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    That news story is 11 years old! I think you can easily find more recent axes to grind.

    The Red Cross isn't perfect. Sometimes they are arrogant as hell, but over the decades, I've come to respect them a great deal.

    Yeah, my father in law wasn't that fond of them either because they charged him for coffee in WWII. That's even older "news".
  18. KC8VWM

    KC8VWM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Where the heck is it indicated that it is only acceptable to post "new" topics for discussion?
  19. W4XKE

    W4XKE Ham Member QRZ Page

    That's okay. We can humor him to make him happy. Here's a newer one from April 2012. One thing about the R/C... there's no shortage of material when it comes to their corruption and dastardly deeds. LOL

    Seems they haven't changed much over the years. That's one reason I never got involved much with amateur radio emergency operations.... they're always tied into the Red Cross one way or another. Never did want to have my call associated with that bunch.
  20. W3WN

    W3WN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was informed of that verbally. Not in writing. Couldn't prove it.

    And considering what happened a couple of years later with the then-parent holding company for that hospital, trust me when I tell you that owning it is something I would never want. Just do a little searching on the AHERF bankruptcy.

    Probably just as well. I'd already started to look for a new job when they canned me; it just wasn't a good fit. For one thing, my boss was very much against my dating another hospital employee, even though she worked in a different department & a different building downtown. It was against her personal policy, you see (not the hospital's) since she didn't believe we should socialize with our "customers." This too was mentioned on my exit interview... but not put in writing.

    Incidentally, at the same time I was dating that other employee, my boss had married one of the IBM system engineers who'd installed & was maintaining the hospital's then-new mainframe... want to guess where they first met? If you think that I'm making her appear to be a hypocrite... you're right (He was also a ham, and she didn't like it that he & I could talk radio...)

    [oh, and I stopped dating the other employee. Still see her though, as I married her 20 years ago]
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