RAM UPGRADE POSSIBLE ON Acer Aspire-Desktop AST690-UD214A- Am I being fibbed to?

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by WD5JOY, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. WD5JOY

    WD5JOY Ham Member QRZ Page


    I have a:
    Acer Aspire-Desktop AST690-UD214A --- Dual Core Pentium 2140 Processor --- 2Mb PC2-4200 533 Mhz RAM Installed and WINDOWS 7 Professional (32 BIT)

    OK guys. The 'old man' is essentially confused by this computer. At one time I was savvy ---- now, not so much. I need help. I THINK I am being taken for a ride - however, I do NOT know for certain.

    Even though ACER indicates that the MAXIMUM PHYSICAL RAM the MOTHERBOARD WILL ADDRESS (??) is 2GB I am being told that, "when it was MADE that was true --- BUT NOW I supposedly can have AN ADDITIONAL 2GB ADDED and it WILL function just fine.

    I don't see how when ACER says "2GB MAXIMUM" and every memory web site I have been to says, "2GB" the "computer repair shop" can add TWO ADDITIONAL GIGS for a TOTAL OF 4GB PHYSICAL MEMORY and have the motherboard accept such a configuration.

    I understand WINDOWS 7 (32BIT) will utilize EITHER 3GB OR 3.5GB of RAM and no more. However - I cannot get my mind around HOW they can ADD 2GB MORE when the maximum "appears to be" 2GB????

    The web sites for "RAM" that I have checked say:
    Your Acer ASPIRE has a maximum RAM capacity of: 2GB ...... this INCLUDES the ACER WEB SITE

    Acer Aspire-Desktop AST690-UD214A Specification
    Memory Type: DDR2
    Memory Speed: PC2-4200
    Memory Slot(s): 2
    Max. Memory Per System: 2048MB (2GB)
    Max. Memory Per Slot: 1024MB (1GB)
    Install Memory in Pairs: Not Required

    SO? I would presume either I simply do not understand OR I am about to be essentially "robbed". I'd appreciate having my mind either put at ease or having opinions on my suspicion they are about to take this old man to the proverbial cleaners.

    THANKS and I hope I have supplied enough info.

    DON ..... WD5JOY
  2. KD8DEY

    KD8DEY Subscriber QRZ Page

    Best bet would be to get it from the horses mouth. Contact their tech support
    May be as simple as a flash Bios upgrade to access the additional memory.......
  3. W4RAV

    W4RAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    visit crucial.com and run the System Scanner. it's never lied to me yet about what a machine has or will take.

    Also, should your mobo not take more RAM, a BIOS update usually fixes that (and other issues!)
  4. WD5JOY

    WD5JOY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks guys. The danged BIOS upgrade has always made me afraid ..... I once did it to a system 15 years or so back and it flopped. So I suppose that's why I neglected to think of the obvious. There is a BIOS upgrade for this system and I imagine that might be the clue as to what they were planning on doing to allow the RAM to go beyond 2Gb.

    I feel better ....... and hope this is the plan!

    Don / WD5JOY
  5. AF6LJ

    AF6LJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Before you flash your BIOS....
    Go find out how to recover the computer in case the flash failed.
    Have that information ready in case....
    These days most computers have a means to recover and return to the default bios if it should become bricked....
  6. WD5JOY

    WD5JOY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Sue!

    Oh no! I'm not going to attack the computer with my senility! No! No! Nope! I will leave THAT to the folks who are doing the memory "upgrade" since that is their business. My main reason for posting the 'question' was to see if you folks felt I was being taken to the cleaners.

    My old memory has taken a holiday and I simply could not see how they could add more memory to the system since the data I found said the mother-board was at its "max" already. The BIOS UPGRADE "escaped me" ...... (nice way of saying, "Duh! I forgot what I knew when I remembered I forgot it!".

    In any event --- I'll tell them to go ahead with the upgrade. Without confirmation here on QRZ I was afraid they might be ready to "rob me"; now I have a good idea all will be OK ...... especially if I keep my fingers away from the 'BIOS UPDATE'. THAT COULD PROVE TO BE A BAD CHOICE!:eek:

    Now ........ if I could just remember "why" I wanted that extra RAM installed in the first place!:D
  7. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would be sure to get the old Memory back, Even if they claim it bad.

    There are no Bios upgrades from Acer for the T690 that I could see that will let you exceed the 2 Gig Limit.

    Them computers did have Boot up problems and it was normally the CMOS Data Getting Scrambled.
    Normally that happens after being Off a long period of time.

    I am not sure if I would trust a third party BIOS upgrade. They can back the BIOS up for you, just in case it does get Bricked, or you need it later.

    Maybe they know something that Acer does not, but I would not count on it.
  8. AF6LJ

    AF6LJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I totally agree....

    If it would only do two gigs from the factory it's likely there is no BIOS upgrade that will enable the use of more ram. I have never seen such a bios upgrade while I have seen BIOS upgrades that dealt with memory issues, I haven't seen any that would double the amount of ram the system could use.

    Another thing people need to be weary of has to do with memory timing.
    Newer memory even for the same memory type is faster.
    On memory modules since about 1992 there is a peace of ROM that contains memory timing information (the SPD) Older computers may not be able to adjust to the faster timing and manual BIOS adjustment is necessary to force comparable timing settings.

    I have fixed a few computers that would have trouble running stable simply by changing memory timing in the BIOS. Come to find out at least two of those systems had memory upgrades done by some local shop who couldn't bother to spend the time to make sure the computer was working correctly.
  9. WA9SVD

    WA9SVD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just because the ACER came with 2 GB of memory, doesn't mean that's the maximum possible. However, because ACER says the MoBo can only address 2 GB, that's probably "gospel."
    If you decide to go ahead with an "upgrade," make SURE you have EVERYTHING backed up, and a full "money back guarantee" if the upgrade doesn't work. If the machine reports 4 GB when the upgrade is done, then you're in luck, but check the documentation; if the memory modules had to be replaced (not just new memory added,) be sure you get the old modules back.
  10. WD5JOY

    WD5JOY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well they have had it beyond the "few days" they said it would take. Something about needing to "get the proper sticks" for an Acer. Special ones of some sort so my model will "go to 4". I'm not holding my breath but DO WONDER if there is some way they can MAKE IT APPEAR as if there are 4Mb RAM installed when it fact it is not??? Cook the books so to speak???


    Don .... WD5JOY
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