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Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by W4DBI, Jan 29, 2004.

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  1. W4DBI

    W4DBI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can anyone tell me if any program or software is available that would enable one to complete an ARRL Radiogram form on the computer screen, then print it out on one of the Radiogram forms?  I handle a lot of traffic on local nets and am looking for a faster, more efficient way.  I simply type must faster than I write.


    Charles L. Galloway/ W4DBI
    Coats, NC
  2. AL7N

    AL7N Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why would you need a form at all?
    For message relaying purposes,
    Just use your P.C. word processor application, and copy the messages right off the air onto the computer screen
    into a "new document".
    If you use "standard message format" when copying the incoming message, you don't really need a "form" as such to do this...just type the message as follows:

    Msg no.  "HX"  Stn/Origin  Check  Place/Origin  Time  Date

    Name to
    Physical address
    City State/Province Postal code   Tel no. npa-nxx-nnnn

    Text of msg twenty five words or less please


    Save it to disk or memory for your station records, then
    open the file to use when relaying it on, and simply append the "service info"  date/time sent, to what station, frequency, etc. on it, then save the changes, close the file.

    Of course, if you are copying the message for delivery
    to someone , you would want to work up a blank form similar to the  ARRL message blank, and then type the message variables in there.  Not too much problem to do with most word processor applications.  Then just print out the completed message, but not save the changes to preserve your blank form. I'll email you my "Word" message form, you can see what it looks like.

    I often use an old "all cap" mill for message work.  I use some neat blank "telegram"forms I devised for this. The form is in a "Word" file, and I arranged it so that when you print it the message "form"  is printed on the lower half of a standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper.
    You can then fold it over at the mid point of the page.  After you type the incoming message in the proper places on the pre-printed form, you can fold it "frontwards" and the blank half becomes the "envelope" you can write the addressee's name and address on. Or, you can fold the blank half "backwards" and put a half sheet of carbon paper under the form, type the
    incoming message on the typewriter, the front copy on the pre-printed form goes to the addressee, the carbon copy is torn off and retained for station record.  Done this way, and with the carbon inserted, the fold is at the "top" so you can roll 'em into the typewriter carriage easily, one
    after another.

  3. W4DBI

    W4DBI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Dear KE4MEJ, WD7G, & AL7N:

    Thank you for your quick and helpful replies. I have downloaded the various programs and it seems that the download available at will best suit my needs; however, the form display occupies more space than my monitor screen has to offer. I can find no option that allows me to reduce the size of the display or scroll horizontally or vertically in order to see all the fields of information. KE4MEJ, can you offer any additional advice?

    Sincerest thanks and 73's,

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