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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by WA4NJY, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. WA4NJY

    WA4NJY Ham Member QRZ Page

    In looking for a rig with a good band scope, I have narrowed the list down to IC-756PROIII in the used category or an IC-7300 new. This would replace a Kenwood TS-590s.

    I am leaning to the PROIII because a touch screen may be to much of a change for me.

    Future service and parts availability is a consideration with the PROIII.

    Anyone gone from the TS-590s or similar to the IC-7300 and have few regrets?

    Any input will be appreciated.


    Ed WA4NJY
    Bradenton, Fl
  2. G0GSR

    G0GSR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have done exactly that and have no regrets apart from having to engineer an automatic antenna switch to alleviate the single antenna socket problem.
    Having done that, I now have a system far better than the original set-up.
    I also find the TX audio from the 7300 is FAR better than the TS-590.
    There is also less ALC power overshoot from the 7300 than the '590 ever after Kenwoods modifications.

    I'm actually keeping my TS-590 for use on 2m and higher bands as it has features to use with a transverter which are lacking in the 7300.

    Frank, g0gsr
  3. WA4NJY

    WA4NJY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you for the reply and good information. That pretty much settles it for me now. It is mostly about the change from knobs and buttons to touchscreen operation.
    My Dad used to say, "we don't like change unless it is our idea".

    73, Ed
  4. AF7ON

    AF7ON Ham Member QRZ Page

    I upgraded my 590S to an SG and added an RSP2 panadapter and I'm pretty happy with the combination. Also, the Kenwood transmit audio can be readily tweaked using the utility program, since factory defaults are not ideal.

    Having said that, there is nothing quite like an integrated or dedicated panadapter (my other rig is a K3 with P3) and my local radio store says that many hams have made the switch to the 7300. However, I am a traditionalist and like a radio with knobs and not a touch-screen!

  5. W4NNF

    W4NNF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The 7300 is the first SDR type rig I've used, and it took me all of ten minutes to get it on the air. Granted, I'm coming from older Icom transceivers and the menu layout is still Icom like...but still... I found the touch screen menu layout (coupled with hardware buttons and a multi-function knob) very intuitive. I've had the little thing for less than a week and just really love it so far. The display isn't huge, but it is big enough, and it is beautiful. :)

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