Radio Shack Pro 96 Digital Scanner

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by K3FO, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. K3FO

    K3FO Ham Member

    [​IMG][​IMG]Supplied with yellow battery case for rechargeables and black case for alcalines batteries, antenna ,copy of manual, excellent shape, shipped priority mail with delivery confirmation.

    Backlit display and keypad for use in low light
    Channel scan 60 per second
    Alpha display can show name of service
    Continuous Tone Controlled Selective Squelch (CTCSS) and Digital Coded Squelch (DCS) decoding
    TCXO for frequency stability;
    PC interface lets you download frequencies from computer to scanner (optional software and cable)
    APCO 25 digital trunking including the newer systems using a 9600bps control channel
    Scanner follows analog Motorola I, II, I/II and GE/Ericsson (EDACS) trunked radio systems
    Expanded frequency coverage picks up local marine, police/fire, HAM, VHF-air, racing, more
    This handheld scanner has an abundant memory capacity, able to store frequencies in 5500 memory channels. Plus, you can store up to 16,500 ID codes in one "working" 500 channel. Follow APCO 25 digital and virtually all analog Motorola and GE/Ericsson EDACS trunked systems. More cities are using these trunked systems.

    This is the most sensitive, full featured scanner I have ever used, it is EXCELLENT! Loaded with the latest firmware as well. Mind you this is a DIGITAL truck tracking scanner, will pick up everything! Including analog of course...
    If you want to listen to anything in your area, and some ham frequencies too, this is as good as it gets! New they sold for $499 Buy the cable, subscribe to (or download the lists and program it yourself), pick your county or multiple areas, download the data into the scanner, and you will have EVERYTHING imaginable to listen to. Police, Fire, ambulance, swat, ER, the list is enless. It comes programmed for my county, Phila. PD and quite a few more.
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  2. WC8I

    WC8I Ham Member

    pro 96

    hi sir is the scanner sold if not what goes with it and do u toke paypal if i would decide to buy it please e mail me at tnx bill
  3. N0ZOA

    N0ZOA Ham Member

    i read twice and no where did it say price you are asking. surely isnt the brand new price
  4. K3FO

    K3FO Ham Member

    My apologies, price is $225 shipped US Priority Mail with Delivery confirmation. Spent so much time on the content, must have neglected the most important part! Regards, Coy K3FO
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  5. K3FO

    K3FO Ham Member

    Radio Shack Pro 96 Digital Scanner $225 shipped

    Looking at all the other posts, I probably violated policy by posting the price in the title to my posting, so the mods probably deleted my price. Makes sense as I viewed all the other other postings.
  6. K3FO

    K3FO Ham Member

    Radio Shack Pro 96 Digital Scanner reduced to $220 shipped

    Radio Shack Pro 96 Digital Scanner reduced to $220 shipped US Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. More Pics available, email
  7. K3FO

    K3FO Ham Member

    Radio Shack Pro 96-SOLD

    Radio Shack Pro 96-SOLD. Thanks to all...
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