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Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by K5XIT, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. KE6DON

    KE6DON Ham Member QRZ Page

    Im just curious as to why, with all the negative feedback and shady dealings Radio Mart does, why someone he is still allowed to remain in business and hasnt been shutdown?
  2. KB3SAV

    KB3SAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think that's why. Ebay does get a percentage of a sales conducted on their site, after all. Right?
  3. AH6RR

    AH6RR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yep he is a scammer

    I sold Mr Martyn some used Collins gear that most were for parts I had them on eBay and he told me he wanted the whole lot. So I asked him to make a offer and he did and we agreed on the price after him looking at the pictures and the description. I shipped him the equipment now he wants most of his money back saying that the equipment was useless junk. I had said in the description that most of the equipment was for PARTS and Sold As IS. There was however a KWM-2 with the PM-2 Powersupply that worked a CC-2 case that was in good condition a 30L-1 that just needed a little cleaning and powered up with a variac that should have worked just fine. Over all he got
    2 kwm-2's one as a parts radio
    2 Kwm-2A's one restorable and one for parts
    1 PM-2 powersupply
    3 516F-2 power supplies 1 in excellent condition 2 for parts
    1 30L-1 amplifier
    1 312B-5 extrenal Station console
    1 CC-2 Cary Case
    All for $2500 plus shipping Now he wants $1500 back I dont think so.
    Threatened to cancel PayPal payment and ship all equipment back. I said go a head but he would pay the shipping both ways ($1005) and Paypal fees.
    Have not had any contact since. What a Jerk.
    I wish I had done some reserch on this clown before I did any deal with him.
    Stay Away
    Roland AH6RR
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