Radio-Mart, Martyn Allison, another horror story

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by W3BJ, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    What I find amazing is that Ebay has such a terrible reputation, yet many of us flock there hoping to get a deal. Ebay supporters automaticly assume that you are stupid or lying and usually start their defense of ebay with, "I find it hard to believe". LOL
    Ebay sux and you know this is true...somebody has made a website suggesting it to be so........Lots of folks tell of their grief on this site.

    Paypal is no better and has been proven to be deceptive in court. I lost $798 and won $50 in the class action lawsuit.......I do believe there is a PayPal sux website as well.

    And what is the deal that your bid enters you into a contract with the seller? And if you break this contract for whatever reason, legitimate or otherwise, you are a bad person? Hogwash.

    You've been a bad, bad go to bed with out any positive feedback!
  2. KW7DSP

    KW7DSP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Has anyone totaled up his sales for a year and asked the Feds to look at his tax returns? Is he reporting all of his income?
  3. N8YX

    N8YX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Has Martyn ever received his U.S. citizenship?
  4. K4JC

    K4JC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Earlier this year, due to a financial crisis, I was forced to sell my beloved Yaesu FT-1000MP. I tried listing it for sale on QTH, QRZ and eHam and had no luck, even after going as low as $1000. Finally I placed the rig on eBay, where it was won by gottahaveit1995 (Radio-Mart's eBay buying account) for $980. Two weeks later he had my radio listed on eBay as "mint" and "unused". It also ended up selling for over $1300! Now this radio was in beautiful condition, and worked great, but unused? That's very misleading! Not trying to be sour because he got a higher price for the radio than I could; I don't begrudge anyone making money, but not by deception. To Radio-Mart's credit he paid me very quickly, but I don't think I'd ever buy anything from him.
  5. W3BJ

    W3BJ Ham Member QRZ Page


    Well, I removed my accounbt from Ebay. I never did sell anything anyway. I have bought a few items, but never to this much trouble. I dont give a rats a** if he gives me negative positiveor any feedback. I know if you deal with him, it will go bad and not in your favor. Ebay is just to much blame as he is. It is hard to trace just how much money changes hand dealing in 14,000 ham radio equipment. I would like to know how to get the word out.
  6. K2PJW

    K2PJW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I truly feel bad for you. I have had good experiences with Ebay. I used to LOVE it. Things have changed and I have had problems recently....many problems. Originally it was a good way to do business but like everything else the eff'ing crooks have infiltrated it. Good Luck in the future and I hope they all get their's in the end. 73, Phil
  7. VA3ZP

    VA3ZP Ham Member QRZ Page


    radiomart is also gotohaveit on ebay,he buys under that & sells under radiomart-why do you think all bids are not devulged on 2 cents. i sold him a piece of equipment & it s the same address???????? take it for what its worth.
  8. K0CRX

    K0CRX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, you can set up a search to both include and/or exclude specific sellers. Go to Advanced Search and follow the prompts. My standard ham radio search excludes many of the Chinese junk sellers.
  9. W3BJ

    W3BJ Ham Member QRZ Page


    Here is why I say Ebay is just as unjust as the crooks that deal there: I tried 12 times to leave negative feedback against Radio-Mart, no luck. I left positive feedback first time. I left an unsatisfied message, but it went through first time no problem with a positive ranking.Nowtell metheyarentinbed together.NomoreEbayforme.
  10. K3ACE

    K3ACE Guest

    Like anything EBAY is a buyer beware scenario. I bought my 850, 790 and TS60 on EBAY without issue. That was some time ago though. They were all purchased from individuals, not big markerters.

    On a side note, I was the winning bid on a Delta Airline's pilots late 40's early 50's flight log. (I am an aviation enthusiist as well)

    There are alot of interesting entries in it, including flights he made piloting Ship 41, which is the DC-3 that Delta restored and is still flightworthy today.

    (sorry about the offtopic)
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