Radio-Mart, Martyn Allison, another horror story

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by W3BJ, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. W3BJ

    W3BJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wish I had read this forum before dealing with this guy. Stay away. Radio I bought was not as described. I ended up getting the radio repaired. The shipping charges to retuern this radio to him were more than the repair.Then he wanted to ship me another just like it, but I pay shipping again. A TS940 isnt light and cost a mint to ship it anywhere. I had thwe radio repaired and am satisfied with the radio. But why advertise a radio that you know isnt right. Why go through this whole mess. I have since read a thousand columns that sound just likemy deal.
  2. KC2UGV

    KC2UGV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is this the same "RadioMart" as If so, I have one local dealer to avoid...
  3. W3BJ

    W3BJ Ham Member QRZ Page


    In response , no this isnt the same place. Radio-Mart is a person, Martyn Allison who operates from Ky. The RadioMart you refered to is a reputable dealer. Hope no none gets confused. Radio-Mart is an Ebay dealer who has a long list of dissatiasfied buyers.
  4. K5XIT

    K5XIT Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Radio Mart in Ky. will misrepresent equipment. The will not outright lie, that I know of. They will give a discription as to mislead a buyer. It is best to stay away.
  5. W3BJ

    W3BJ Ham Member QRZ Page


    On top of telling me this was his personal rig, when it arrived there was no power cord (as advertised) no manual (as advertised). No big deal,, any computer power cord will work and I downloaded the manual off the internet. My point is he stated in the ad it included power cord and manual and had no problems. It HAD problems, of which I took care of. Shipping it back was my expenses and when he repaired it the shipping to return it to me was my expense. Not any more and anybody should stay away. No outright lies, just misrepresenttattion.
  6. W2VW

    W2VW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Maybe you can help me understand something.

    Radio-Mart's feedback is easily accessed. There is a pattern there.

    WHY would anybody spend their hard earned money on item(s) from a seller who is simply throwing -you know what- against the wall to see if it will stick???

    Did you look at the feedback blurbs?

    I just don't get it. Maybe it's me.

  7. W3BJ

    W3BJ Ham Member QRZ Page


    I didnt look until it was too late. I dont usually use Ebay. But I found a TS940 and won it. 940 is hard to fiond on QTH and QRZ. I should have checked, but didnt. I had the radio repaired, less than what 2 sets of shipping would have been. I will check from now on. Maybe I can help somebody else from making my mistake. thats why I had the radio repaired, buyer beware.
  8. W3RXO

    W3RXO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sometimes, we just get duped by his presentation, other times we need something and he's the only game in town. He has enough positive feedback that it would lead on to believe he is reputable, but he is a true example of "caveat emptor". I thought he was reputable, simply because he had such a high feedback rating, and a slick marketing style (very professional looking eBay ads), and claimed to be the seller of the best Collins and Drake equipment to be found. And, likely, you will find many more who are satisfied with his sales, than are dissatisfied. But I fried the AC-4 power supply on my Drake, and needed one quickly, he was the only seller of one at the time. It was advertised as mint, but when I got it, it was far from mint. It worked, but had a spare electrolytic cap literally bouncing around in the cage, and the one it was there to replace, or had replaced, was wrapped with black electrical tape, and just a P.O.S. I couldn't believe this guy would actually let ANYTHING go out of his shop in that condition, let alone something he advertised as MINT. Needless to say, a buyer, at that time, was in the position of not leaving negative feedback, for fear of retaliatory negative feedback. When you have a seller who has thousands of positives and a buyer who has only a couple dozen, it effects the buyer, to a greater degree, to get a negative feedback, than it does to the seller of thousands of positive sales. Luckily, eBay now will not allow the seller to leave negative feedback. But, while it is good for a seller like this, it is bad for the seller who has righteous cause to leave negative feedback. I guess good sellers can than the likes of Martyn, for their inability to do so now.
    But, I digress. Radio Mart, on eBay, is NOT a reputable seller. While he likely sells more good stuff than bad, he typically misrepresents what he sells, as being better than it is. There are a few others, but Martyn is the most notorious of the bunch.
  9. K8MCN

    K8MCN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  10. W3BJ

    W3BJ Ham Member QRZ Page


    I fault Ebay for this one..I tried to leave negative feedback about this guy and Ebay blocked me from doing so. I can leave positive no problem. I contacted Ebay and they said no way, must be something wrong with my computer. Well I went to another computer in another house and same thing. Seems he is a big time seller for them and they protect him. We need to get the word out to be carefull with this guy. He may very well have some good equipment, but you really have no way of knowing. I personally will not be Ebaying from now on. I dont do much with them anyway, but this soured me even more. It is my fault for not checking first.
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