Discussion in 'QRP Corner' started by W7CJD, Dec 20, 2018.

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  1. W7CJD

    W7CJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here are the two kits I purchased. No problem.

    I purchased these two kits in spite of the fact I have big tuners and tiny tuners.

    I purchased these two kits especially because I appreciate the design, and I especially appreciate having all the parts together in the kit.

    I know parts suppliers, even so it is difficult to get any amateur radio project started.

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  2. W7CJD

    W7CJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Notice the No Tune EFHW kit convenient wire-winder.

  3. KV4JW

    KV4JW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I bought the same antenna (no tune) and had fun putting it together. Very well made kits IMO. The ParaSet40 is next. :)
  4. W7CJD

    W7CJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I can actually "see" the QRPGuys small parts.

    I am looking at the ParaSet80 as the next kit for me.

    Let us know about the ParaSet40. Okay?
  5. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Where Are They ?
    I see all the QRP kits being bought, discussed , and maybe even being built, but why do I not hear much activity around the QRP frequencies.
    My FT990 has the best receiver of any I have used in 5 decades on the air, I hear the FEW QRPrs I have worked just fine.
  6. W7CJD

    W7CJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here are some events you could listen for.

    There are SOTA events,
    http://www.sotawatch.org/ and https://www.sota.org.uk/
    North America
    http://www.na-sota.org/ and

    and Parks on the Air.
    https://stats.parksontheair.com/spotting/scheduling.php and https://parksontheair.com/

    I also work the sunrise-sunset grey line around the globe.
  7. KC3JIN

    KC3JIN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Which are where, tho? Maybe I still lack the 'flight time' to discern these matters, but it seems to me there arent specifically QRP/weak signal freqs with any significant degree of consensus. Or else it's just my luck that folks set up where I'm sending because they can't hear me! Haha.
  8. W7CJD

    W7CJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I suggest google search "qrp frequencies" or "best qrp frequencies". Here's one: http://www.qrparci.org/qrp-update/qrp-frequency

    There are listed band plan courtesies.

    If you want to know where to find a specific contest or "activation" look there.
  9. MM3ENM

    MM3ENM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I haven't bought from them yet, but the kits look good and the prices are very reasonable.

    The UnUntenna Plus looks very good.

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