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Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by G1JZY, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. G1JZY

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    Hi I have a Signalink USB sound card, Pc running Vista and a Yaesu FT 817 could someone tell me what the set up should be on these 3 machines please. The soud card jumpers are set for the 817 but I must not be setting other things up right as I can't get it to transmit it receives ok
  2. N5MDT

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    Recheck your jumper wires inside the Signalink, even if it came pre-wired. Once you have checked it, check it again. Are you using the mic port or a digital port?

    Is the Delay control on the Signal link fully counter-clockwise? In Vista, be sure that you have audio output showing on the volume control. Be sure you program is selecting the correct sound card. Be sure the default sound card is still your internal sound device. Every time you install the Signalink Vista will make it the default.

    What program are you using to use PSK?
  3. K7MEM

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    Where do you have it plugged in? The rear DATA connector is preferred.

    Does it switch to transmit or just sit there in receive?

    Are you sure the computer audio is turned on? I normally keep the audio on my PC muted, so I have had that happen several times.

    Do you see the waterfall display on the screen?

    You should be going through the rear DATA connector, and the FT-817 should be in the DIGI PSK31-U mode. All of this should be in the manual. I don't have a Signallink USB sound card, but I did make an interface for a friends FT-817. He had HRD and Digipan running on a Netbook running XP. The interface was simple and consisted mostly of wire. A USB to Serial interface was used for PTT keying. A one transistor circuit was built into the serial port connector hood. It worked great. I put it in the 1 watt mode and used 20M PSK-31. I received an answer from across the country in a couple of minutes.

    You may want to check the audio output connections. I used standard 3 wire 1/8" phono plugs for connecting to the audio in/out. However, some PC now come with the audio in and out in the same connector. These systems use a 4 wire plug.

    I have things running on several computers from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7 64 bit. But I never had to deal with Vista.
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