Proposed Changes to QRZ Swapmeet Rules

Discussion in 'Swapmeet Talk' started by AA7BQ, Jun 5, 2019.

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  1. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    With the introduction of our new Verified seller program, some of our swapmeet rules that were crafted specifically to combat theft and embezzlement are being amended and updated. Following is a narrative discussion of the rules which will later be put into the official Rules document.

    1. Listing Photos
    Under the old rules, every item being offered for sale must include a photo, and that photo must depict the actual item being offered, and that a call sign must appear in the photograph alongside the item being offered. Additionally, if the item is "new in the box" then the box must be opened to show the actual item.

    The above requirements were devised as a response to identity theft scammers who were lifting photographs from other places on the web. With the advent of our Verified seller program, these rules are mostly moot since we have much higher confidence in the seller's identity. Therefore, we propose to drop the "callsign-in-photo" requirement, however, we will continue to recommend it. We will not alter or comment on listings that lack a callsign in the photo. In any event, having the photos is a very good idea because it make's your photos YOURS and less attractive to scammers. In effect, you are protecting OTHERS by having your call in the photo.

    Similarly, the requirement that "boxes must be opened" on new gear can now also be lifted. A photo of just the box with identifying markings will be accepted. Your selling chances are probably better, however, if the box is opened. A radio, even if "new in the box" is still a used radio and it will not command a retail price, period. Whether or not the box has been opened has no quantifiable effect on its price or value.

    Photos in general will still be required for every listing because QRZ is a visual experience and having photographs keeps the site interesting and informative.

    The CAUTION flag that we have used to indicate partial compliance with our listing rules may no longer be used after these rules are put into effect.
    2. Payment Policies
    We're revising our payment policies regarding PayPal. We are suspending our rule that prohibits PayPal upcharging. PayPal upcharging is the case where the seller asks one price for cash and then a higher price if PayPal is used. Personally, I would not purchase from a seller who upcharged for PayPal. Some folks will drive 50 miles to get a 2 cent discount on gas, and these are the people who upcharge for PayPal. The term for this is "false economy" and nobody in their right mind would NOT use PayPal if it was available, if for no other reason than the Buyer Protection that it affords.

    Friends & Family Payments: Asking for PayPal Friends and Family will remain a SERIOUS infraction and will result in the immediate removal of your ad, and possibly an account suspension. The use of PayPal F&F for online purchases is nothing less than theft of service from PayPal and it will not be tolerated at QRZ.
    We hope that these changes will result in an improved QRZ swapmeet experience. These changes will be enacted on July 1, 2019 along with our Verified Seller program. The moderators may, prior to July 1, relax some of the picture rules for Verified sellers.

    73 -fred

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
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  2. NK7Z

    NK7Z Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Given the title is "Proposed...", and the end is "We hope that these changes will result in an improved QRZ swapmeet experience. These changes will be enacted on July 1, 2019 along with our Verified Seller program.", is this a request for input, or a notification of change?
  3. KJ4VTH

    KJ4VTH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think photos with callsigns is still a good idea even with "Verified" posters.
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  4. NK7Z

    NK7Z Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I too would very much like to see the call sign in photo continue.
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  5. N0TZU

    N0TZU Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I like the proposal, except for allowing a PayPal upcharge (surcharge). That's against the PayPal TOS and dishonest. It shouldn't be tolerated on QRZ, in my opinion, because it reflects poorly on the swapmeet integrity. As Fred has pointed out before, it's easy enough to simply include the PayPal fee in the overall pricing.
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  6. NK7Z

    NK7Z Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    So offer a cash or money order discount... :)
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  7. W4FZR

    W4FZR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I agree, photos are great. Even with what’s in the box because it seems it saves a lot of email replies on the sellers part. Extra photos and all. Thanks for thinking of the QRZ family. 73
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  8. WB2LBV

    WB2LBV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Even without the potential for scamming, a picture of a box is just plain dumb. Show us what's inside, we're buying that not the box.
    I'd also like to see at least a mention in the rules regarding photo quality, such as the following-
    -"When you post pictures in an ad, please look at them as if you were a potential buyer. Are the pictures clear and large enough to properly display what's being sold? If not please take new ones that are".
    As stated upcharging for Paypal fees is against their TOS, same as using F&F for goods is against it. So IMO we still should discourage/prohibit the practice, what's so hard about setting a price that covers the fee so you don't have to ask for more?
    What about not allowing contact info to be posted in the classifieds? This is one of the major gateways for scammers to initiate contact with potential marks, at least as long as the classifieds remain publicly viewable.
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  9. N0TZU

    N0TZU Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes, photos should not just be of a box. The question is should QRZ police that, or should it be up to buyers to demand that the contents be shown? I wouldn't buy anything just with a box photo, that's for sure. I also wouldn't buy something based on a murky photo and would ask for a clearer one.
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  10. K1SZO

    K1SZO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I believe photos with callsigns should always be required. I don't see any positive coming from not having the callsign and everything positive from having it.

    You can fuel your car with moonshine, but while you can get your car to go with it. Only bad will end up coming from it in the end.
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