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Discussion in 'ex-Rag Chew Central' started by AE1P, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. AE1P

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  2. WF7A

    WF7A Subscriber

    I guess he should be grateful she's not a urologist.
  3. N8CPA

    N8CPA Premium Subscriber

    Ouch, indeed! My wife and I just changed dentists after 22 years, several years longer for my wife. He sent us a notice last summer that he was retiring due to arthritis in his wrists. And we had to drive a long way to get to his office, we liked him that much.

    Now we have a closer dentist, a woman my wife has known via her craft activities for several years. Since their friendship is older than our professional relationship, I know better than to make either of them mad.
  4. W4HAY

    W4HAY Subscriber

    Or a proctologist!
  5. G0GQK

    G0GQK Ham Member

    So having broken his professional code of conduct regarding his patient he will either end up in court, or pay lots of compensation for damage, or prison for assault, and later he'll be sitting on a bench drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag
  6. G4ALA

    G4ALA Ham Member

    Bet he feels Pole Axed!!


  7. AE1P

    AE1P XML Subscriber

    there..fixed that for you...
  8. K7KWN

    K7KWN Ham Member

    I guess the guy never saw Marathon Man. Now he knows the answer to the question, "Is it safe?"
  9. W3WN

    W3WN Ham Member

    Not to condone her unethical and unprofessional actions, but considering all the information in the article:

    They deserve each other.
  10. WF7A

    WF7A Subscriber

    Indeed: She's tough and ruthless and he's rough and toothless.
  11. KB1NXE

    KB1NXE Platinum Subscriber

    I don't care who you are. That there is FUNNY!
  12. WN6U

    WN6U Ham Member

    What's wrong with drinking from a brown paper bag? Hic! :)
  13. KI6DCB

    KI6DCB Ham Member

    Best post of the far.
  14. K7KWN

    K7KWN Ham Member

    Well done!
  15. N0SYA

    N0SYA Ham Member

    Hell hath no fury like a dentist denied sweet sweet lurv!
  16. KC2SIZ

    KC2SIZ Ham Member

    This woman will certainly lose her license to practice dentistry. And I hope she hasn't grown too attached to her home and any savings she may have, since this guy is going to win all of it in court.
  17. K7RQ

    K7RQ Subscriber

    Well, we've extracted a lot of humor out of that!
  18. NL7W

    NL7W Ham Member

    :D Rough, eh? Gumby might have something to say 'bout that! :cool:

    Good one!

  19. N8CPA

    N8CPA Premium Subscriber

    By the root!
  20. AE1P

    AE1P XML Subscriber

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