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Old Call Signs and Logs

Discussion in 'Logbook User Forum' started by N4WDT, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. N4WDT

    N4WDT XML Subscriber

    Is there any way to link an old call sign log to a new vanity call sign log? If not, is there any way to view the logbook of an old call sign?

    Thank you in advance,

  2. W1DQ

    W1DQ Logbook Administrator

    Not in this version of the Logbook software. An improved version is still in development that will allow separate Logbooks by time period and callsign. I don't know when that will become available.
  3. N4WDT

    N4WDT XML Subscriber

    Thank you. I'll be on the lookout for the update.
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