Nr7j Is A Honest And Patient Man, Great To Deal With!!!

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by W2JAA, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. KW7DSP

    KW7DSP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Originally Posted by K4FLH
    WARNING:please read the following.

    We recently purchased what was advertised as a RigBlaster Plus. When we received the item it wasn't a Plus, it was a Standard RJ Model. We brought this to the attention of the seller and asked for a refund. We agreed to let them have 10 bucks for shipping even though the shipping was "free". Immediately after notifing them of the discrepency they accused us of being wrong and by innuendo, not knowing what we were talking about . They insisted that the item was what was advertised even though the documentation that came with it showed we were correct. We also checked with West Mountain Radio's web site and it also shows we're correct. The number one problem is that this model has a RJ 45 modular mic jack and the Plus uses a standard 8 pin jack which is what I need for my Yaesus.

    We were offered a partial refund but since this model isn't what was advertised, or what we paid for, or what we can use, we refused.

    Now they refuse to answer our email and, we think, inquiries from the eBay police. They also have made their feedback "private" since we posted a negative feedback and explaned why we did. Does all this sound like an honest eBayer? We don't think so,do you? Who is this eBayer? The screen name is "ab_cabral " of Tucson, AZ . Real name is AnaPaula Cabral Ferrari. Husband? is Roberto Ferrari ( NR7J). My opinion is BEWARE when dealing with her or better yet do not deal with her at all. Her actions surrounding this matter leads me to believe that she isn't trustworthy. My opinion is people like her give eBay a bad reputation and make it bad on the rest of us who try to be good community members.

    Since eBay allows members to hide bad feedback behind the "private" feedback loop hole we have no other alternative but to warn fellow eBayers and hams by posting this warning here and in auctions we have running. Please write eBay and tell them you want this loop hole closed so honest members can be informed when dealing with less than honorable eBayers.
    Bill/k4flh and Pam

    Something strange about this thread and the other one. May be a good idea to avoid all parties involved.
  2. K9XR

    K9XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    You must be getting confused. I never said that your sister (as you earlier stated) or your wife is a ham. You seem to have a history of trading problems here on QRZ, so maybe you do need some advice.

    I found out a long time ago it is easier to do it right the first time, rather than to have always go back and try to cover up or correct your mistakes. You would also have to do a whole lot less post editing.
  3. KW7RF

    KW7RF Ham Member QRZ Page


    Did you also know that Liberals are five times more likely than conservatives to use marijuana and cocaine.
    click on the link below

    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
  4. K4FLH

    K4FLH Ham Member QRZ Page

    HMMMM from K4FLH

    Roberto/NR7J and I had a misunderstanding over a transaction on eBay that has been resolved to my complete satisfaction. I would not hesitate to enter into another transaction with him if he had something I was interested in. He'll have to speak on how he feels about that, though.HI HI

    As far as me and the xyl having private auctions on eBay, yup that is true. I don't allow others to see who is bidding on and buying our stuff. It's a courtesy to our buyers. I figure they may like the privacy and may feel better not having the world know how they spend their money. There is no conspiracy going on, to defraud or whatever, with us having our buyers remaining anonymous!

    Now, on the other hand our feedbacks are not private and are always open for anyone to view. You can check out our veracity, as far as eBay trading goes, any time you'd like. Our screen name is vampire1958.( my xly is a phlebotomist).

    End of conversation
    Good Night and God Bless
  5. KW7RF

    KW7RF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not my transaction

    Bill, the transaction on eBay was between my wife and your wife. My wife offered a refund (minus shipping and eBay fees) right away. The unit worked, the only problem was that it was listed as a Rigblaster PLUS (see pic) 'cause after looking at the pictures on Westmountain site she thought it was a PLUS

    My transactions on eBay, QTH, QRZ, ect. are and will always be 100% I'm a honest person but lately not very patient 'cause there's people like k9xr that don't have a life and they have to go around QRZ to bother hams with their 2 cents comments without having all the facts. (k9xr) show me one bad transaction I ever made. I only had 2 complaints, one 'cause there was no output on the 2 meter side of a dualbander I purchase from a ham on QRZ, the other that the items were never shipped by an other ham. So (k9xr) please point to the bad trading you said I had on QRZ. (If not you're a Testa di Cazzo.)
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2009
  6. KW7RF

    KW7RF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Calling k9xr

    k9xr you need to reply to above post and find the bad transactions/trades you said they were.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2008
  7. KW7RF

    KW7RF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm waiting

    I'm still waiting.
  8. KW7RF

    KW7RF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Back on top

    Back on top for more people to see.
  9. M0GID

    M0GID Ham Member QRZ Page


    Gee that NR7J fellah, he sure sounds like a swell guy, I wish I could buy some of his stuff from e-bay coz I'd sure as hell get a good deal! We even hear about what a fine citizen he is all the way over here on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean (and that is one big son of a ..... ocean!) Must be some fellah that guy, some fellah, yes sir, some fellah!

    73 de Geoff

    PS: Hey Roberto (nice car by the way) what's a "Testa di cazzo?" :D:D:D

    some questions are just better un-answered huh? :D:D:D
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2008
  10. KW7DSP

    KW7DSP Ham Member QRZ Page

    NR7J, you are starting to sound like a troll. Yes we have those in this country too, and your not in Italy by the way, so what ever old world sayings you have are meaningless.

    For those who don't speak Italian his saying directly translated is "LAWYERS (Advocates) OF THE LOST CAUSES"
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2008
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