Netbook with Echolink. NOTES

Discussion in 'Echolink/IRLP Tech Board' started by SM0KJD, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. SM0KJD

    SM0KJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    The netbook I use is an eeepc ASUS with WIN 7

    1, UNDER, power-options in the Control Panel
    you can control the netbooks/portable flap/lid
    so it can be closed without going to sleep.
    (when using VOX) (Sysop mode)

    2, Bluetooth dongle. (probably should be ver.3*)

    I think it is a good idea MOST TIMES
    to install the BT software first without
    the dongle in.

    3, Have full screen so that mouse does not
    move off the EchoLink window.
    Also Remember screen blanking !
    (spacebar PTT)

    (cannibalize a small BT.. mouse to use the
    middle button) (found under Preferences Connections PTT Control)
    Velcro to gear stick....

    4, Using a MYFI 3´s Huawie E585

    I could not fix port forwarding (buggy)
    So I enabled the DMZ flag to be able to use
    Echolink , (The information how to use
    DMZ is there in the MYFI , just read)

    When buying a new Mify:-

    It would be good to buy an opened one(sim)
    and for mobile usage to have one with a
    coaxial antenna socket if possible...

    Also see that it can be charged with
    a USB cable/port

    5, When using several bluetooth headsets
    It could be a good idea to use a utility
    called QuickMix or somthing similar, to store
    the microphone audio level/s for each BT unit.

    I have one telephone headset(one earpiece..safer in car)

    And one sunvisor BT unit (so the xyl can follow the qso)

    *The only version 3.0 I have used installed much more

    easily than Ver. 2.X, and also was much quieter in the

    Rogan G4JWT/SM0KJD
  2. SM0KJD

    SM0KJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    TIP´s Running EchoLink on a notebook


    Upgrade windows and antivirus, and/or close down updating
    before going mobile.
    This saves battery, and time waiting for the netbook to reboot.

    Buying :-

    See that is has a good batt lifetime
    also that it can be uppgraded with more memory
    (net book´s do not always have this possibility)

    (Mine has no built in Bluetooth)....
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