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N7DPP - Don Pinson Scammer

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by W4IEN, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. W4IEN

    W4IEN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I answered an ad that Don Pinson posted to trade for his FT-817ND. I offered him my IC-703 Plus. He agreed to the trade. Well, then things started to call apart. I sent my IC-703 Plus via UPS insured with the usual tracking info. He received the radio. He said that he had sent the FT-817ND via USPS with delivery confirmation. I have never received the radio. To make matters worse he sold or traded my radio to someone. He sent me the USPS confirmation info - he refuses to file for an insurance claim. It looks like I am out an IC-703 Plus.

    I would warn anyone about this so-called ham. I would not under any circumstances deal with him. I did a Google search on his name and the second entry was about how Pinson scammed another ham. Be very careful.
  2. W8XV

    W8XV Ham Member QRZ Page

  3. K6VH

    K6VH Ham Member QRZ Page

    What happens when you enter the USPS confirmation info. Does it come up blank? If so he never sent the package. It is easy to get a USPS
    confirmation number. If you have the emails showing the agreed upon transactions and receipt that he got your radio I'd file a complaint at
    the post office. Explain what happened maybe they can help. This type of crime is a felony.

    When I do trades I make sure I write down all my serial numbers from my equipment. If the trade goes bad I report the items stolen and give
    the name of the person who I sent the items too. I contact their local law enforcement office.
  4. W5BIB

    W5BIB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Robin. Good advice here. You're close to Atlanta & I would advise you to contact the "Postal Inspection Service" (any "branch" should be able to give you the telephone number). As mentioned, "felony". Postal Inspectors frown on "MAIL FRAUD". Good luck. 73 de W5BIB (retired USPS)
  5. KA2CDT

    KA2CDT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Don Pinson?? That guy was all over QTH feedback forum maybe two years ago. I remember reading about how he scammed a ham out of all kinds of radio gear. Seems like the same exact MO....Trade for gear and then he sells it without completing trade.

    Wow...this guy is something else.
  6. KB3MRU

    KB3MRU Ham Member QRZ Page

  7. K4TEC

    K4TEC Ham Member QRZ Page

    He has been reported several times using the IC3, I thought he had stopped this and his way of clearing his name was to change callsign, I did help 7 others who were persuing him and managed to get the radio I purchased delivered but see where he sold the same radio and got $2300 from a friend of mine, that did annoy me
    Pat Ka1cde was one he took, Michael Lackey; and Javier both lost over $2000 each,
    Here is an example of how far it went last year

    I have also included Larry in on this email. I see that everyone has filed their IC report. My internet crime report number is # l1201252307445012.

    I suggest we alll throw our crime report numbers out there, and then go back into each of our reports and update the contact information, with references back to each of these as well and each individuals contact information.

    Martyn, im not sure the sherrif is the one to talk to either. I seem to have gotten the run around there in calls I have made, but Don lives in an unincorporated area of Pierce County washington and falls under sheriff jurisdiction. I wonder if a detective can be contacted directly? I was transferred to a detectives voicemail and left a message with no return call.

    The other options I am thinking about involve each of us assembing a full packet comprised if imaged copies of emails, correspondence, evidence, money order receipts, and a full summary along with a copy of our internet crime complaint. These packets can be copied and then mailed to multiple recipients as well. Included could be the contact information of each of us along with internet crime complaint numbers. These packets could also be mailed to the FCC to question the character of Don, and his priveledge to hold a license.

    Also, I still think we should attempt a mass calling of dons local law enforcement.
    Martyn you have had experience with attorneys before, should we all contact his district attorney? Maybe his local ham clubs should be alerted as well. I will be talking to my local law enforcement this week as well. My neighbor his pretty high up in our local county police department. I wonder if one of us was actually to physically show up at the police department in dons town and explain the situation in person, and if were accompanied to dons house to retrieve the purchased items, or full refund and don did not comply, could charges be pressed on the spot for larceny?

    Anyone else have suggestions? As long as we are banded together, we stand a greater chance of success.
  8. KC8UAV

    KC8UAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, the rabbit hole may be going deeper. I recently won a iPad 3 and since I already have one, decided to throw it on and see what I could get for it. Don Pinson N7DPP emailed me back, and offered to trade a Yaesu FT-897 for it. Since I am in need of a HF rig, I checked on QRZ to make sure he was in fact a ham, extra class at that. I've had countless worry free transactions using this site and others when it comes to dealing with my other ham brethren. I sent the iPad out USPS insured, with tracking number. No problems. When I asked Don Pinson for my tracking number, it would not register in the USPS database. So, I decided to "google" "N7DPP" and that is when I started to get upset. My iPad arrived at his residence yesterday according to USPS, and I still have a "non recognized" tracking number.

    I emailed him today telling him I will be taking legal action if I do not get my radio. If he fails to complete out agreement, this is fraud over STATE LINES, thus a FEDERAL issue. Looks like there are many others that have gone through the same thing, and I hope this will just pass over and I will get my radio, but if it does not, I will be taking him to court.

    -Patrick, KC8UAV
  9. NA0DP

    NA0DP Guest

    biggest scamer on the net K4TEC sure you want to go there again ?

    martin has a lot of experiance with crime reports since he is in so many of them. Pot calling the kettle black here..just look at all the complaints on martin makes me look like a saint, I never screwed anyone but will not now or ever be held liable for the post office errors or losses. as for pat he will get his junk i mean ipad back supposed to be new, quit working less than a week after it was recieved and he refuses to provide insurance info of any kind on it just passing it off as there is no paperwork given from Apple on it
  10. KC8UAV

    KC8UAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just reported him to IC3 as well.....just love scumbags like this reining it for everyone else.
  11. KA9FOX

    KA9FOX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes, he has been blocked for a while from using the Classifieds. Unfortunately, that was via his old callsign of W6HFD and AA7DP... now he has changed his callsign again to N7DPP. I wonder why? :(

    - Scott KA9FOX
  12. NA0DP

    NA0DP Guest

    hey martyn,
    a little like pot calling kettle black isn't it? try cleaning up the hundreds of people YOU screwed huh? there is no fraud here the ipad is going to be returned to him
  13. NA0DP

    NA0DP Guest

    good to see the perfect people gathering again to talk about others wheather aligations are true or proven true
  14. KC8UAV

    KC8UAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    [TD="width: 85%"]Don Pinson, N7DPP agreed to trade his used Yaesu FT-897D for my new iPad. We agreed that we will each pay shipping, insure it and provide a tracking number. My iPad was sent out on tuesday the 12th, February 2013. According to N7DPP, (Don Pinson) He did the same. My tracking number was valid and I followed my Ipad online, watching it pass through mail centers and eventually leading to his doorstep. The entire time this was happening, Don Pinson said the tracking number was "just delayed" and then the story changed to "the radio is lost in the mail" I've never had a single package lost, EVER.
    So, to my suprise I get a email from Don stating that my iPad was not sent complete, as it was without the registration card and manual. Anyone that has knowledge of ipads or iPhones knows they don't come with manuals or registration cards. According to Don Pinson, N7DPP, he has previously owned a iPad, and I find it SHOCKING that he is asking for something that does not exist in the "apple world". Now, even though Don said the ft-897d was "lost", I get a email on Sunday the 17th stating that he "got it back" (odd, I guess only in WA postal services are open on sunday) He claims that still the iPad is without the registration card and manual. I emailed him back stating that again THEY DO NOT COME WITH MANUALS OR REGISTRATION CARDS.

    So, after a full week of talking to my fellow hams I get a message on my phone this morning stating Don Pinson N7DPP is now selling a screwdriver antenna. I go to the link and to my suprise (not really suprised) there in the background in his photo is my iPad, with grey belkin cover getting a nice charge, and to the left under a stack of papers and his glasses is the Yaesu FT-897D that was supposedly "lost in the postal system". Now, I have proof he has accepted and is in posession of the iPad, and is still in posession of the Yaesu FT-897D.....Hello fraud alert. Don, you have to the end of the day today to mail out the Yaesu, or return my iPad or I am calling the police. Do whats right, be a man and admit your hands have been caught in the cookie jar. The evidence is pretty strong as you can see.

    for all of you other Hams, I'm not the only one who's had to deal with Don Pinson N7DPP. As a matter of fact, the other people with stolen items hae almost a identical story as mine.....Apparently Don Pinson, N7DPP (WHO'S CHANGED CALL SIGNS MANY TIMES) is the only man on earth to have a 100% failure rate with our tried and true postal system. Here is some links to prove my point.


    [TD="class: smalltext, width: 85%"][TABLE]
    [TD="class: smalltext, width: 100%, colspan: 2"][/TD]
    [TD="class: smalltext"][/TD]
    [TD="class: smalltext"][/TD]
  15. KC8UAV

    KC8UAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I also have a copy of every email and picture for my case. Let me know whet we can do together to get this guy a nice stay in the grey bar motel!
  16. NA0DP

    NA0DP Guest

    Commonwealth of Kentucky
    John Y. Brown III
    Secretary of State
    Certificate of Dissolution
    872' BURTON PIKE
    GEORGETOWN, KY 40324
    I, John Y. Brown, Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, do
    hereby certify that according to the records in the o~ce of the Secretary of State,
    did not file
    its 2002 annual report within Sixty days after it was due. Accordingly, the
    Secretary of State administratively dissolved the corporation on November 1, 2002.
    r\ .:
    G NOV
    f ~ 2002
    .~;~~~ETAR_Y, OF SlATE
    - ...... ON'M:/1.GH OF KY
    hereunto set my hand and affixed
    official seal this 1
    st day of November,
    &L.. ~.
    (L,."" $.
    John Y. Brown
    Secretary of State
  17. WB7UQU

    WB7UQU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am sad to say that I live in WA....and it appears not too far from this scam artist. The Washington State Attorney General Office could possibly be able to help.
    What this clown is doing is a FEDERAL FELONY! For some interesting reading go take a look at: TITLE 18 USC(United States Code) Section 1341, it's
    titled "SCAMS & SWINDLES." It was amended sometime ago to cover just what this guy is doing...
  18. KD2DBM

    KD2DBM Ham Member QRZ Page

    From reading all these posts on N7DPP I've noticed that it appears that everyone dealing with this crooked scam artist sends their equipment/money to him and he is "supposed to" send his trade or whatever at the same time, but in actuality DOESN'T....This type of scam is like an old one called the "Pidegeon Drop", the scammer offers something for sale or trade and tells you to send your trade or the money and he/she will do the same and exchange USPS or whatever way you agree to send it and give tracking numbers....YOU keep your end of the bargin, but they don't, usually giving fake Tracking numbers or saying the item was lost in the mail or returned to them and YOU never get your trade or purchased item, typical pidgeon drop like scam.I've learned the hard way on this.

    I won't go into detail here as my story doesn't deal with this idiot..I got smart....NOW, I tell the person I am trading with to send the trade item FIRST and give me a VERIFIABLE tracking number....Once I see via the tracking number that the item is moving thru the delivery system we agree on I will in turn send out my part of the trade and give THEM a verifiable tracking number...In the case where money is involved...I NEVER send a Bank Check, or Money Order, only a PERSONAL CHECK, that way if they cash it and do not send the Item I have documented proof that they received the money and if I don't ge the Item it can be considered theft. If they will not take a Personal Check or they want me to send my Item First I turn and run like heck!!!!! Now I know some of you are goiung to tear me apart by saying some, if not ALL hams will not take a personal check, and I understand that, but I want PROOF that I can use in prosecution if the check is cashed and i do not receive the item.....Just how I do things.
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