Let's disrupt the US Licensing...

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W7DAO, Dec 1, 2017.

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  1. WZ7U

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    Infamy. Huh.
  2. K1OIK

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  3. AA7EJ

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    Thanks for a post.
    You have probably took the test in watchful eyes of VE's.
    I do not do VE exams eny more , but still have official issuemd VE # somewhere.
  4. WZ7U

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  5. N1CZ

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    When I took my General test in St Louis in '65 I had to sketch oscillator circuits. Colpitts, Pierce, etc. remember those? I was 14 and I cannot tell you how many hours I studied for that test. My mentor had the Advanced license. His training was military & said he didn't even know anyone that had the Extra ... but, we were in the MiddleOfNoWhere, IL. Later in '72 a bunch of us EEs (BSEE & MSEE) that worked at Motorola in Schaumburg studied for the Extra and worked our butts off on that.

    I transferred to TheMiddleofNoWhere PA just before test time. They all passed while I turned my ham radio off. 40 years later I decide to get back into ham radio. I study a few hours in less than a week and pass. I don't feel the accomplishment. Obviously I didn't see the test back in '75, but I remember the study effort while all things EE were very fresh in my head being just out of school and surrounded by fellow geeks all the willing to tease each other with ham test questions ... more strenuous than the test I got during my interview to get hired.

    Yes, current testing is significantly easier than it was.
  6. AA7EJ

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    My previous post has been interrupted by local QRM for too long to be edited , therefore should be ignored.
    73 Shirley
  7. N2EY

    N2EY Ham Member QRZ Page

    In 1948, Jane Bieberman, W3OVV, (SK) passed the Class B exam (equivalent to the General) at the age of ten (right around her birthday). 13 wpm code, sending and receiving, blue-book exam with diagrams, show-your-work essays, calculations, the works. FCC office and examiner too.
  8. N2EY

    N2EY Ham Member QRZ Page


    FCC began the transition to all multiple choice in 1961. So you must have gotten the last of those tests.

    I got my Advanced in 1968 at the age of 14, in the summer between 8th and 9th grade. Extra in the summer of 1970, at the age of 16, between 10th and 11th grade.

    My Elmers were books. I didn't find any of the tests to be really hard, nor did I really study for them. Building receivers, transmitters and power supplies taught me what I needed to know. Oscillator circuits? I could draw entire transmitter schematics - power cord and crystal socket to antenna connector - from memory. Still can.

    Ya think maybe 40 years' experience helped?

    To you, maybe.

    But when I look at the old License Manuals - the stuff required is really basic. Not easy, but not EE level stuff.
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  9. KA2UFP

    KA2UFP Ham Member QRZ Page

    ...what takes a little brain to pass???....a green Bash book that took 10 passes to study or 430 Questions that is referred to memorize test...O MY Ham Radio wasn't invented for NON Geeks...just for CBers to spend money, for others to cry about hamfest prices of radios, antennas, ....wrote short iffy comments and ill get the usual replys " don't NO what uuu talking about and poor sentence structure.....just listen to 40 meters 7.200 is that sentence structure, geeks, extras, cbers, profanity, NO IDs, tapes, music .......HEY Enjoy the Holidays.......Enjoy Ham Radio...
  10. WA2GSL

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    Because the overwhelming majority of ops no longer or hardly ever or want to use ot enjoy CW. I used to enjoy it before it became a contest on how fast an op could copy. I used to enjoy it a lot. I barely passed my General after 4 tries. I just can't copy even 13 and many can't. It's a big rush now, CW. Call, QTH, RST, BTU , same, 73. Now we have FT8 and the rest of digital. Like texting it is impersonal, has no way of sending emeotion or voice inflection and in some cases even context. Everything is a rush these days. I'd like to lumber along at 5-7 words a minute on a straight key but good luck with that. Can't get anyone to slow down these days. Hence no CW for me unless it's a multiplier in a contest then one contact on each band is it. I like to TALK to people, I use my PHONE, not text messaging which ends up more time and is more disruptive than just talking. I use my radio the same way. I like to TALK to people. Also, anyone can work the world QRP on digital or 100 watts CW. My WAS is all phone, mixed bands and my soon to be DXCC is all phone as well. Accomplished in less than 9 months of being back on the air with a dipole and vertical. No beam, no linear.
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