KM4OP Philip Rivera

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by N5OU, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. WB6L

    WB6L Ham Member QRZ Page

    After reading the e-mails & looking at the pictures it is apparent the radio was described incorrectly & the price was way too high for its condition. The purchase price should be refunded ASAP & not wait for the radio to be resold - you have the original money, return it! Since paypal was used it there any recourse through them to recoup the money? Ray WB6L
  2. N5OU

    N5OU Ham Member QRZ Page


    Yes I did use paypal, and yes they are telling me that it is 100% recoverable, however I am hesitant to go that route at this time. Thank you for your comments.

    73's Richard N5OU
  3. N5OU

    N5OU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Philip's Request

    To be absolutely as fair as I can be, I took the radio back out of the box, got my High Definition Camera and took some pictures of the full radio as Philip Requested in his post in the sunlight under the best possible conditions. I am not sure they turned out exactly as he had hoped for but I will let them speak for themselves. They are now posted at

    I then powered the radio up and HF/VHF appear to be fully operational. I did not test UHF. However the built in speaker does not function correctly. It sounds as if it was over driven at some point or possible has a tear. A closer look at the pictures posted show a line of rust across the inner shield of the radio speaker screen, that may be cause and effect. It could also be a liquid that was spilled on it at some point and it penetrated. Philip did include in the package an small very abused external mobile speaker which was not part of the original deal. I assume he included that because the internal speaker problem was a known issue.

    The bail on the lower side of the wire has a fracture in the plastic, visible in the posted pictures.

    If I decide to keep the radio, I will order a new top and bottom cover, bail and attachments along with the speaker and a new microphone. If not, the honest value of this radio is just a few hundred dollars.

    73's Richard N5OU
  4. K9XR

    K9XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Rather than go through Paypal's recovery procedure (it does work) you would rather do this which will probably not do any good. WHY? Would that be too private?
  5. W8JN

    W8JN Ham Member QRZ Page

    phil just gets worse. this is unbelievable

    richard, i just looked at the new pictures you posted a few minutes ago. this just gets worse. it looks as though he has touch up painted some of the metal case. this was not his personal rig. he went to a flea market and bought a piece of junk to resell. keep those pictures up forever. it will serve as a reference to anyone thinking about buying from phil! make sure you post this update on also, get his address and find a way to alert the hams in his local community about his unethical business dealing with you.

    phil, you cheated and defrauded richard GIVE HIM HIS MONEY BACK!!!!!
  6. N5OU

    N5OU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Paypal question

    I had to wait for paypal to get back with me.
    Paypal shared with me that because I used the "send personal" to avoid the 3% fees they would have normally charged Philip, All they could do was shut his account down. If I had used a regular purchase process they could actually put a hold on this and any future funds and provide me a refund. Live and learn. A dispute has been opened and they state they will attempt to recover the funds, but the end result will probably be just closing his account. If this is not true, someone please let me know.
  7. K7FE

    K7FE QRZ Lifetime Member #1 Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    I confirmed with Scott, KA9FOX of QTH.COM. The transceiver WAS advertised as "near mint" in the QTH ad.

    KM4OP is banned from QRZ.COM until the matter is resolved to N5OU's satisfaction.

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2009
  8. KA9FOX

    KA9FOX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    KM4OP is also banned from using the Classifieds until this matter is resolved.

    - Scott KA9FOX
  9. W8JN

    W8JN Ham Member QRZ Page

    phil, are you a man or a weasel

    come on phil, be a man admit your mistake and make things right. everyone makes mistakes. honest people mend their ways. you can fix this and repair your reputation by making restitution. i am sure richard will indicate that you stepped up to the plate and corrected this! yaesu sold a rig for $11,000 and it did not work as promised. they made a lot of customers angry. they recalled every rig they sold and corrected all the issues at their expense. the only thing people remember at this point is yaesu admitting their mistake and making every customer worldwide happy. you can do it to phil! be a man, do the right thing.
    best 73 paul w8jn
  10. K7MH

    K7MH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would never buy any used rig unless there are pictures of it that are well taken and posted.
    The last thing I would ever do is send it back so that it can be resold again so that I "may" recoup the money. I would return it for a refund but that is about it! I'd rather just post a real description of the rig with good pictures and sell it myself and eat the difference. Maybe watch for a parts rig on Ebay to swap out the cabinet covers to spiffy it up and keep it although that may make the overall cost high.
    I also thought that the rig had been touched up with a marker pen in that one place, it was obvious!
    Hope it all gets resolved.
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