kenwood ts50/at50 problem

Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by W5JDA, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. W5JDA

    W5JDA Ham Member QRZ Page

    a while back a power surge zapped my ts50 i sent it off for repairs but never mentioned this problem:

    when i hit the at button the ts50 does not switch to cw mode or transmit the 10watts of rf so the at50 can tune? can someone please tell me what is wrong and what i need to do to fix it?
  2. KK7EL

    KK7EL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    When you change bands on the TS-50 do the LEDs on AT-50 change to show new band? Might be that the data link between radio and tuner is not working/fried.
  3. KK7EL

    KK7EL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I use a TS-50 for Field Day, but fuzzy as to LED indications, had to look at manual as FD was before last week. :)

    When you press TUNE button or change bands on TS-50 the TUNE LED on AT should also light. If not, more indication of issue with data link.

    Do you see any of the LEDs lit on AT any time?

    Also, look at page 17 of AT-50 manual, reset to initial values:
    Power off TS-50, push and hold AT-50 Band Up and Band Down keys while turning on TS-50. Worth a try.
  4. W5JDA

    W5JDA Ham Member QRZ Page

    no lights come on when switching bands. is there a way i can put the tuner into dummy mode and still have the ts 50 power it?
  5. KK7EL

    KK7EL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    With AT-50 cabled to TS-50 and TS-50 powered, do you see any lighted LEDs on AT-50? (Push AUTO/THRU button as below to test.) If not, likely blown accessory fuse in TS50.

    [I assume Accessory fuse is inside the TS-50 as none are external. I also assume the TS-50 wants to be able to see the AT-50 before it does its CW and 10w routine when you push TS-50 tune button and this cannot happen if the AT-50 does not have power. Long way of saying blown accessory fuse inside TS-50 could be the entire issue.)

    If you do get lit LEDs, you can try the below.

    Drive sort of manually:
    1. Look at the LED to the left of "AUTO/THRU": lit is AUTO mode and off is THRU mode
    2. To toggle between AUTO and THRU, press the "AUTO/THRU" button on the AT-50 >> you want AUTO
    3. Press BAND UP or BAND DOWN to select same band TS-50 is going to Tx on
    4. On TS-50, set to desired freq, set to 10W, select CW, key the TS-50, (momentary) press TUNE button on AT-50, AT-50 TUNE LED lights until match achieved, stop keying TS-50 when TUNE light goes out.

    Note: I suspect you should be able to set TS-50 for RTTY or AM and use PTT if you do not have a key you can use.

    Here is a link to AT-50 Instruction Manual.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
  6. KK7EL

    KK7EL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    W5JDA, any good luck?
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