Kenwood TS-50S

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by WA0TT, May 13, 2009.

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  1. WA0TT

    WA0TT Ham Member

    FOR SALE: Kenwood TS-50S

    I have a very nice Kenwood TS-50S for sale. Output is adjustable to 10, 50 or 100 watts. Supports LSB, USB, CW AM and FM with dual VFO's, 100 memories, AIP, RIT, IF shift, AGC and TF-set. Comes with mobile mounting bracket, power cord and MC-47 multifunction hand mic. This is an awesome radio. Non-smoking. Price is $395 plus $15 shipping. Pay Pal (+3%) or Postal MO. WA0TT at ARRL.NET
  2. N9APE

    N9APE Ham Member


    Do you include the manual?
  3. WA0TT

    WA0TT Ham Member


    I do not have the orginal manual. I have an electronic copy and if you desire I will print it out and include it in the package or I can simply email it to you.
  4. W0SUN

    W0SUN Ham Member

    I am interested.
  5. VA3YG

    VA3YG Ham Member

    Kenwood TS-50

    Would you have a digital photo of the side(s) of the radio you could post or email me? I can supply my email address. If not, no big deal.
  6. WA0TT

    WA0TT Ham Member


    RAdio has been SOLD
  7. VA3YG

    VA3YG Ham Member

    Oh, okay. Thanks for the reply and congratulations on selling it!
  8. KE4WTS

    KE4WTS Ham Member


    do u still have the radio for sale
  9. K7JXQ

    K7JXQ Ham Member

  10. K5IBM

    K5IBM Ham Member

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