Kenwood TM261A programing instructions

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  1. K5XP

    K5XP Ham Member

    Does any one know where I might download a quick and simple proceedure to program a TM261A ? ...I get lost in the manual that came with it :( help Please..

  2. KB1KIX

    KB1KIX Ham Member

  3. KD5DYT

    KD5DYT Ham Member

    Can anyone help me with naming my memory channels? My TM 261A owner's manual can't be right...I'm following step by step with no results...except frustration!
  4. W4XKE

    W4XKE Ham Member

    They left out step 5

    In the Japanese to English translation, somebody left out step # 5 which makes all the remaining steps ineffective. Make a note in your manual to include step #5.

    1 Press MR to select Memory Recall
    2 Turn the tuning control up/down to select the desired channel
    3 Switch OFF the power to the transceiver
    4 Hold down MN while turning the power back on
    5 PRESS THE REV BUTTON (the first digit blinks)
    6 Turn the tuning control to select the first digit
    7 Etc., etc.

    Not a bad little radio, but as was said, the manual is a pain.

  5. KD5DYT

    KD5DYT Ham Member

    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, many times thank you
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