Kenwood tm 2550a 2 meter

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KC8LJG, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. KC8LJG

    KC8LJG Ham Member

    This is a 5w/45w 2 meter radio that has worked great. Comes with Mic and short part of the power cord. No mobile bracket. Some time back i purchased a TU-7 tone board but i don't know how to install it and i don't own any golden screwdrivers. So you will get the radio(as described)and a new TU-7 tone board(cost 70.00) for $100.00 plus 15.00 for shipping in the CONUS only. Paypal or M/Order is fine. Thank You,Paul kc8ljg
  2. W4ZG

    W4ZG Ham Member

    Was wondering if the Kenwood was still available?
  3. K4KYY

    K4KYY Ham Member

    If available I would like to purchase the 2550a.

    PM sent

    Jack K4KYY
  4. KC8LJG

    KC8LJG Ham Member

    Sorry Dennis-----It's SOLD
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