K1OIK - eham issue - set the record straight

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by NE4CW, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. NE4CW

    NE4CW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Burt posted another thread about this issue on Dec. 29..I thought I would comment now since I missed the opportunity to post on the other thread before it was closed. I know it probably should be in the scam section, but this is where Burt got attacked so I thought I would post it here.
    I had put a want-ad out on another web site looking for a Kenwood ts870S. 6 hours after I posted the want-ad, I received an email from K1OIK@ymail.com saying he had an 870 for sell:
    "Am selling my Kenwood TS870S in great and excellent working condition for sale. Am selling due to some project forces at hand let me know if you are still interested in buying.


    ...I felt a little funny about the email ( because I have read about so many scams ) , so I went to QRZ and looked up Burt's page. From there I sent an email ( to the one that was listed there - K1OIK@ymail.com ) asking if he really was the sender of that email...this is the reply I received:

    [FONT=&quot]"Yes the e-mail is from me. i have a mint ts 870 kenwood for sale,dsp,keyer with memory,auto tuner and many more features. need more info search web. only 40 or so hours of use on the rig. used only for receiving. a great contester rig .includes manual,power cord and hand mike.beautiful rig and one of kenwoods best ham transceiver. no longer in production, sold new for about 2300.00. asking 1000.00 firm and with free shipping to USA and Canada.any questions email me.i don't you can find a ts 870 in this kind of condition. what's your full shipping address.


    But still, I felt a little funny about it...so I researched a little more and found that Burt has an RV website which listed a completely different email address...so I used this new email address to contact Burt once more to confirm this 870 was indeed for sell by him..The real Burt replied and said he did not have an 870 for sell at all...Thats when I confirmed the 3 emails I received from K1OIK@ymail.com was a scammer..I dont know how the scammer had Burts email, all I know is it happened..I was unable to get the IP address from the email.
    So anyway, using Burts other email, I informed him about all the emails I had received posing as K1OIK with an 870 for sell..I promptly removed my want-ad and decided to use other more secure methods of obtaining an 870..
    Thanks and 73
    Jeff - ai4u
  2. VE3FMC

    VE3FMC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Dead give away that was not Burt because we all know he would not ship to Canada. :)
  3. WA6MHZ

    WA6MHZ Subscriber QRZ Page

    I wish there was some way to find out who these rotten RAT B******DS are, and JAIL THEM!!!! All too often, good hams are TAKEN BIG TIME by these vermin. I know of several hams who have lost lots of money to whom they THOUGHT were legitimate hams making honest deals. I put out a want for an item and received an email back from a KA2 Ham with his email at Yahoo.com. It didn't sound right as he was a new ham and obviously didn't have an expensive radio I was asking for.

    Sure enough, another good ham had his callsign hijacked, and the RB was trying to scam me.

    So, the answer is: TRUST NO ONE!!!!! If you do decide to go for a deal, take all the steps neccessary to find out if the Ham is really who he claims to be. He might be annoyed about you doubting his identity, but it seems that there are more BOGUS scammers than real Hams out there these days. Read what the "ham" says and see if it sounds right. If there is ANY DOUBT whatsoever, it is almost assuredly a SCAMMER!

    I really worry about hams doing rig sales and exchanges on here, and hope they can make the deals with REAL PEOPLE and not these ROTTEN SCAMMERS!!!
  4. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well Jeff that was obviously written by someone for whom English is not their primary language. It is worded much like a typical Nigerian scam and I agree with MHZ that these guys should have their jewels lopped off for doing this sort of thing to people. I'm very happy that you had the good sense to check it out and didn't fall for this crap.
  5. NE4CW

    NE4CW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, thanks, thats why I felt funny about it...
  6. KB1NXE

    KB1NXE Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    The BIGGEST way to tell it's a scam is when they ask you to send the money via Western Union (if you get that far).

    Whenever I buy or sell, I will NOT use Western Union! Western Union is a money Diode. You have no recourse if you send money and get scammed!
  7. KE6KA

    KE6KA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Did any of the two of you send an abuse report to yahoo to report fraud (both the scam and posing as someone else through the use of a unique callsign)? It is unlikely the scammer will be caught, but it is possible the email address could be shut down.
  8. NE4CW

    NE4CW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have not sent any fraud report, but thats a good idea...
  9. AC0FP

    AC0FP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hopefully Burt has already done that!
  10. WA9SVD

    WA9SVD Ham Member QRZ Page

    The "YMAIL" address would have made me suspicious. YAHOO! requires the entire YAHOO name to be typed out.
    You could have asked for a landline phone number to confirm a business deal and mailing address before committing any funds.
    Unfortunately, not all netmail providers are ready, willing, or able to sort out bogus e-mail addresses, and unless a word or title is copyrighted, there's not much that can be done about scams; especially if no money was exchanged..
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