Just dig into it / it maybe easier than you worried ;)

Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by KD0CAC, Jun 10, 2019.

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  1. KD0CAC

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    I have a MiniVNA Pro , that has been acting up for some time , infrequent to total .
    I have others and like to compare , so just started using the others more , worrying that this was going to be another big project to add to the list .
    There is not much repair feedback , that have found , no diagrams / schematics making it bigger .
    I got board with being a couch-potato yesterday , well I did go out & repair a friends goodies Sunday morning .
    So figure I would do my not so frequent charging of my mobile test gear bag , multiple analyzers & Nexus 7 tablets .
    Well the MiniVNA did one of its normal - not lighting up & charging / turning on .
    Now to get out the golden-screwdriver , start with testing battery , 4.1 lithium , dang full charge ;)
    Ok now to reverse engineer the circuit board to fine the fault , well no power at switch [ the switch / case is not labeled for on/off ] no power going out , dang is it going to be that easy ?
    Use my JBC desoldering station and I hit one pin on the switch [ has 6 pins ] the last pin and one of the LEDs come on - gee it maybe easy , remove all solder , I get lazy , my used part supply is in storage , far enough to get in the truck .
    So I just re-solder , and everything works again .
    So just dig-in and see if its easy , shorten the list of things to do ;)
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