JOTA cluster available

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by PA3CNO, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. PA3CNO

    PA3CNO Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you ever assisted at a JOTA scouting event, you recognize the problem of finding another JOTA station while a group of scouts is waiting. HAMs supporting the JohnMcCormick group in the Netherlands found a solution: a JOTA cluster. Basically it is a DxSpider cluster node running stand-alone, so spots posted on the cluster will not appear on the DX-Cluster.

    The cluster is available at the address port 7300. If you have a telnet cluster client that can be configured, just add the node so you can use it. If your client does not support configuring your own favourite cluster node, get DxLink for free - DxLink supports it.

    The JOTA cluster will be available all year for scouting events, not just for JOTA.
  2. TA2RX

    TA2RX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Have you got a web interface for this?

    de TA2RX
  3. PA3CNO

    PA3CNO Ham Member QRZ Page

  4. VK2SD

    VK2SD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good Idea


    Great idea; myself, along with other ham operators, will be participating in JOTA this October. Call VK2GGC, Girl Guides Callemondah, Callemondah Camp Site Brookfield, NSW, Australia. We will certainly be utilising the JOTA cluster.

    Thanks for the info. Jaye -VK2SD
  5. N1GFS

    N1GFS Guest

    This will be very handy next weekend. We'll have Boy Scouts operating from some local scout camps, along with others working from home stations, including mine.

    Thanks for setting it up.

    73 & YIS Ron - N1GFS
  6. VK2AKG

    VK2AKG Ham Member QRZ Page

    VK2GGZ - Girl Guide Radio

    VK2GGZ The Winston Hills Girl Guides will be active on 80, 40, 2 & 70cm from their hall during JOTA.

    The Winston Hills Girl Guide JOTA base and the Winston Hills Scout JOTI base are run in a cooperative manner and are normally attended by about 150 Guides & Scouts from throughout the region.

    Most radio activity will take place between 1pm and 5pm on our local Saturday (from 0200 to 0600 Zulu) however, as the Winston Hills & Kellyville Guides and possibly the Winston Hills Venturers are staying overnight there will be some activity until 11am on our local Sunday (until 0100 Zulu on GMT Sunday). If you are interested in organising a sked with our JOTA station or joining our group then contact

    For more JOTA information and photos see: WH_JOTA WH JOTA 2009 WH_JOTA_2008 WH_JOTA_2007.

    Transmitter, antenna & Echolink details:

    80m to 10m normally runs 300 Watts PEP SSB into full size dipoles.

    2m station runs 5 to 50 Watts FM into a vertical dipole or colinear

    70cm station runs 4 to 27 Watts FM into a vertical dipole or colinear

    VK2GGZ-L our 70cm echolink system (node 353879) is activated for JOTA and other Guiding activities. It can be remotely activated and is easily accessed from the Bundilla Scout Training Camp so, if you are a licensed Guide or Scout seeking RF access outside of JOTA, then email for further details.

    Your Guides & Scouts might enjoy this JOTA movie which demonstrates how worldwide JOTA really is. The picture from Australia is from VK2GGZ, the Winston Hills Girl Guide station!

    Jaye, congratulations to the Callemondah Guides, it is great to see another Guide Unit get licenced.

    73 Frank vk2akg (station engineer for vk2ggz)
  7. PE1IOC

    PE1IOC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great idea !

    We will be active from the N.E. part of Holland under the call of PE 1 BBY /J

    We are also connected to a german repeater just at the other side of the border by ECHOLINK !
    Node number here is : 375836
    Call : DB 0 EMS ( the 'Emsland repeater' near Papenburg )
    Through this repeater we connect also to the world wide scout net !

    Hope to meet you here: the scouts of the 'Guy de Fontgalland group' at the city of Ter Apel would like to welcome you on QRG !

    73 from Holland,

    PE 1 IOC
  8. PA3CNO

    PA3CNO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Statistics after JOTA weekend

    For all HAMs interested in the statistics of the JOTA DX-cluster:

    During the JOTA weekend we had 48 active spotters via Telnet, which posted 117 spots. 883 stations were watching the cluster via the web interface.

    Considering the short time between the announcement of the JOTA cluster and the JOTA weekend, this is not a bad result. Especially because we didn't get the AX25 connection ready in time.

    We will create the option to post spots via the web interface, to make spotting easier.

    Thanks to all stations that made the JOTA a success again!
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