Info on Kenwood serial numbers

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by W8GTX, May 23, 2004.

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  1. W8GTX

    W8GTX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Particularly a TS-790A. I have serial number #0100410. Can anyone help with info on this? I've been looking high & low but nothing on the NET. Thanks.

  2. W3IC

    W3IC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Awhile back on Eham, I asked a similar question. To which I received:
    "Most Kenwood serial numbers work this way. The first digit of the serial number is 2+ last digit of the year of mfr. The next two digit are the month, with 01 representing April (although there is some debate about this). The remaining numbers are sequential."
    Does this applies to the TS-790A? I can't confirm. If it does, first determine what block of years the 790 was made, if any rig is made more than 10 years, The first # would seem to repeat? -- So, you could have two answers. Anyway, according to Rigpix, for the 790, the first year it was made was 1988 (which seems to fit your rig)--example; 2+8 (from 1988) = "0", your first digit. Next "10", your next two digits, would be January (starting from 01 April). Is it really Jan. 1988 that your rig was made? I don't recall the 790 being around in 1998, so it might be a good guess. Thanks to W2AEW for the original Eham post, I hope it was O.K. to repeat. Also, I hope this helps you out. 73, Doug.
  3. W3IC

    W3IC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just wanted to add one small clarification, to help. 2+8 (from 1988) does not = 10 or 1. This would be 1989. Also, remember that the full serial number is definetly not sequential. I see this confusion all the time with Kenwood stuff on Ebay. A so called 5 million #, although promoted to be, is not better than a 0 #. For example, it may be 1983 (5) compared to 1988 (0). A FIVE year difference. The 5 # though will sell at a much higher premium, GO FIGURE! 73, Doug
  4. W6EZ

    W6EZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    1st digit minus 2 is the year.


    Kenwood Serial number


    Year = X-2 (last digit of year)
    month = yy
    order on line = zzzz

    I never encountered the second digit 01 being April until I saw it here.

    You can always post on to verify and have them go ballistic because of the question being asked 100 times so far this year. HAR!
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