I'm Wearing a Heart Monitor Till Tomorrow.................

Discussion in 'ex-Rag Chew Central' started by K2WH, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. K2WH

    K2WH XML Subscriber Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    I remember about 30 years ago wearing one of those halter monitors after I thought I was having some sort of heart problem. Turns out it was diagnosed as premature atrial contractions, supposed to be pretty common. Back then it was a pretty heavy thing with a leather strap around my neck sort of like a women's handbag and the device itself was like one of those cassette tape recorders and it did have a tape so it actually was a cassette recorder. I had to walk around with that heavy thing for 1 week in the ICU.

    Fast forward to today's date and I have the latest and greatest heart monitor device on. They still call it a halter monitor but without the halter or tapes. Now the recorder is all solid state and about the size of a cell phone and it sits in my pocket. Technology marches on. They did tell me to keep away from microwave ovens when in use since it might scramble the data. At that moment, I thought about asking about strong RF fields from HF or VHF or UHF transmitters but, I kept quiet since I knew it would be useless and a waste of time trying to explain what I was talking about - Ham Radio. The long leads from my chest would probably be resonant to some frequency so I'll play it safe.

    So, I decided to take a 24 hour break from transmitting and just listening on the SW bands. I can pull this thing off tomorrow morning. All I gotta say, is these damn sticky things on my chest start to itch it will come off quickly.

  2. K9STH

    K9STH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Having had numerous occasions to have those "sticky things" on my chest, I can definitely say that none have started to itch including those that were in place for several days.

    Glen, K9STH
  3. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    It's actually a "Holter Monitor," named after its inventor, Norman J. Holter.

    Pretty famous around here, he went to UCLA and did his postgraduate work at USC.
  4. K2WH

    K2WH XML Subscriber Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    Thanks for the correction. Hey ,1 lousy letter wrong.

  5. W5WAY

    W5WAY Ham Member QRZ Page

    At least you're not wearing a halter top now...
  6. KF5FEI

    KF5FEI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hopefully they didn't have to dry-shave your chest before attaching the leads -- that definitely makes things itchy.
  7. NK7Z

    NK7Z Premium Subscriber QRZ Page


    I went through a heart operation, about two years ago... As part of the recovery I had to wear a Holter Monitor, (not halter), and I asked about strong RF fields... Both the vendor, and the doctor told me to not worry... They are RF proof... I was tempted to have a friend key down and go stand by the 1 KW output on the antenna, but decided to leave well enough alone... As an aside, they don't itch... At least the one I had did not...
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