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ICQ Podcast Episode 258 - Getting Ready for the Six Metre Season

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by M1MRB, Jan 21, 2018.

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  1. KA5DJS

    KA5DJS Ham Member QRZ Page

    We also enjoy MSK144
  2. KA5DJS

    KA5DJS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Most Amateurs must miss that question on the license exam.
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  3. KK5R

    KK5R Ham Member QRZ Page

    My first reaction to the question is to ask what has become a somewhat similar question to 6M activity: "Just exactly when is there a season for accidents?"

    I have in my life made 2 (TWO) QSO's on 6M. Sure, I live in a hole at the end of a valley in the Appalachians and do not have a dedicated antennas for 6M (which would probably be better) but the three antennas do tune up on 6M without a tuner but when monitoring 6M, I hear practically nothing...!

    Once I heard a voice on 6M sometime in the past three/four months and it said: "Is this frequency in use?" — Nothing more. I sometimes hear voices that remind me of when I used to use a crystal radio where some stations could be heard and sometimes a syllable or two distinctly but that was back in the mid-60's.

    I still leave the radio on 6M in listening mode when I'm watching the news on TV or reading something on the computer. I have not given up... And I realize that if I lived in a big city in a 'scraper or if I lived in the flatlands, I'd probably hear more from 6M somewhat like I hear some random burst on .52S on 2M. And I believe the concept of having a TV set up for the lower channels (2-5), it would be a good indicator of a band opening. Monitoring a 6M beacon "could" also be useful. Using a non-directional antenna (J-Pole?) would also be good way to go but then the V-H orientation would not be the best.
  4. KD9VV

    KD9VV Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's not called the "magic band" for nothing.

    The band is open when it's open.

    Meteor scatter is pretty normal every morning ops; and I'm only running 100 watts into a 3 ele; well, so far.
    Look at my qrz page, the Geminids provided great MSK144 contacts and with ease.
    The VHF/UHF contest was cookin' pretty good..

    If one is referring to SSB, that's another story; also depends on one's definition of "open".

    Nice Es opening in January for 3-4 hrs where I made 5-9 contacts out to 800 miles (mostly east & south of my qth) with my dinky 100 watts and 3 ele.

    6 meter season?..It's always 6 meter season.
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  5. KF7WAG

    KF7WAG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I"m one step Closer To hearing That band now That I Got a yaesu ft-847, Just need Coax and a 6 meter's Antenna and Antenna Tuner all Coming soon, I alway's just keep a watch on The solar Condition's box on The home page of This site and dxmaps, They will say when 6 Is open.
  6. KF7WAG

    KF7WAG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Your not The only one That Is limited To 100, All That I Got Is my ft-847, Won't have a external Amp for a while.
  7. KD9VV

    KD9VV Ham Member QRZ Page

    QRZ links to N0NBH is not the best place to watch for 6M openings.
    DXmaps is more "at the moment" as people are working this band and reporting..even a spotting network is better than what you will find on the solar conditions here.
    Es openings may last minutes or hrs.
    There are also sites that will send you a text for opening you are interested in.
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  8. MM6ECO

    MM6ECO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the info Brian .That`s a good way to look for dx on 6m+10m plus I`ll note down those 6m Beacons on my notepad. Thanks for sharing that info with us. Good for newcomers to radio...
  9. MM6ECO

    MM6ECO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I use this little wire loop that can be made easily. Plenty of information on the net of the same loop for 6m . There is also a small board you can make with two capacitors and a hand made coil inductor to help make the SWR radio a lot better to 1.1.. for higher power I would use a balun (transformer) toi match the antenna better for higher powers than QRP!.

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  10. N5WD

    N5WD Ham Member QRZ Page

    While the Solar Weather reports are interesting and sometimes correlate to an opening on the bands, don't get into the midset that "the solar weather report IS the band condition". Rather, use them as a guide, but nothing beats actively LISTENING to the bands to hear sometimes very brief openings on 6 meters!

    Gud DX de N5WD
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